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20 Cheat Sheets For When You're Trying To Eat A Little Healthier

Eating like a ~healthy person~ has never been easier.

1. For when you're finally ready to give this whole meal prep thing a try. / Via

Basically just mix and match your way to healthy meals you can take on the go.

2. For a post-workout protein fix that comes with a bonus caffeine fix.

Listotic / Via

Your coffee needs should never get in the way of your protein needs, and vice versa.

3. For when you want to make some ~mindful~ decisions about what you eat and when.

Body Mind Soul / Via

Of course everyone's appetite is different, but these suggestions can be so helpful for anyone who's trying to put some more thought and planning into the way they eat throughout the day.

4. For coming up with quick ideas for a healthy lunch to pack.

Lexi's Clean Kitchen / Via

Another opportunity to mix and match items from each category. And voilà: a healthy, filling lunch to bring to work.

5. For when being a little more ~regular~ couldn't hurt.

The Little Pine / Via

In addition to helping move things through (and out of) your body, fiber also helps keep you full and slows down your body's absorption of sugar. Basically, you want to make sure you're getting enough of it for a bunch of reasons. And it's best to get your fiber from whole food sources.

6. For making salads that don't suck.

Body Mind Soul / Via

Down with sad, boring salads!

7. And for making your own salad dressings that are healthy and delicious.

Cooksmarts / Via

Down, also, with bottled dressing!

8. For when you want to remember which fats are the heart-healthy ones.

The Little Pine / Via

As BuzzFeed Health has reported, Americans tend to get more than enough saturated fat (the kind of fat in meat and dairy), but not nearly enough unsaturated fat from fish, nuts, seeds, and other plant-based sources. Unsaturated fats are really good for your heart, so eating more of them when you can is a great call.

9. For when you need a go-to high-protein recipe you can throw together super quickly.

Oh That's Tasty / Via

It's also low-carb (if that's your jam) and the avocado provides heart-healthy fat. So, in conclusion, get into it.

10. For breakfast bars that aren't full of sugar and unpronounceable ingredients.

Neila Ray / Via

Just four ingredients, no baking required.

11. For when you need a sweet treat that's also full of healthy stuff.

Listotic / Via

This super easy recipe provides carbs, healthy fats, and some protein, which makes it great as a workout snack, as well as a healthier dessert.

12. For when you refuse to be fooled by sugar's alter egos.

@natasharae_skinandnutrition / Via

Sugar is basically hiding in plain sight all the time.

13. For when you're trying to go a little lower carb but need a game plan.

Under Armour / Via

Don't eliminate stuff entirely — just find some swaps you can live with.

14. For when you want to eat more vegetables but only if they taste good.

Cooksmarts / Via

Apparently vegetables taste a lot better if you prepare them properly.

15. For when you need some non-animal-based ideas for getting more protein.

Pop Sugar / Via

The sky's the limit when it comes to plant-based protein.

16. For a delicious on-the-go breakfast you prep the night before.

Fitful Focus / Via

Customize as you desire and enjoy your hearty, nutritious, homemade breakfast.

17. For when you've decided to cook for yourself more but need an assist.

BuzzFeed / Via

Hey, it's not like you're born knowing how to marinate meat.

18. For when you need a quick and dirty reminder of whether that thing is paleo.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed / Via

No need to memorize it.

19. For when what you really need is a formula for making a tasty stirfry.

Cooksmarts / Via

Just follow the step-by-step instructions for a nutrition-packed dinner you make in a wok (or pan).

20. And for when you just need a few basic reminders of what healthier eating might look like.

Neila Rey / Via

Even if you don't feel like committing to all of them at once.

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