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14 Reactions Any Woman Who Lifts Weights Will Immediately Recognize

*rolls eyes, flips hair, brushes off shoulder*

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1. The "You're Going To Get Bulky" Face:

2. The "Guys Don't Like Women Who Are Big" Face:

3. The "Want Me To Show You The Right Way To Do That?" Face?

4. The "I Don't Want To Get Muscular, I Just Want To Get Toned" Face:

5. The "Girls Should Do High Reps Of Low Weights" face:

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6. The "Banish Arm Jiggle With This Workout" Face:

7. The "Aren't You Worried About Looking Too Masculine" Face:

8. The "Whoa You Eat A Lot For A Girl" Face:

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9. The "Want Me To Spot You?" Face:

11. The "Yikes How'd You Get Those Calluses" Face:

12. The "Aren't You Worried About Hurting Yourself" Face:

13. The "What Do You Mean You're Still Going To Lift When You're Pregnant??" Face:

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14. The "But What About Cardio?" Face: