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23 Incredible Tips To Make You Actually Want To Go To The Gym

Get better at gymming.

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1. Reduce the likelihood you'll bail on your morning workout by sleeping in your workout clothes.

4. Or just put your sneakers in shower caps and stick 'em in your bag.

6. Save time by warming up on your way to the gym.

Walk briskly, run, or ride your bike to the gym and by the time you arrive, you'll be warmed up and ready to move. Stop along the way to do lunges, dips, and squats to get your muscles warm.

7. Use yoga mats to muffle the sound of weights dropping.

Should you throw your barbell to the ground? No. Does a heavy bar sometimes leave your hands in a not-so-controlled manner during heavy lifts? Sure. Spare your gym's floor and muffle the noise with mats.


9. Make your pre- or post-workout snack something delicious that you only have when you exercise.

10. Make a playlist that's timed to your workout with strategically placed power songs.

If you know your lifting circuit takes 45 minutes and that you tend to flag after the first half and again at the every end, curate a playlist so that power songs come in just when you need the motivation most. Add some relaxing songs to the very end for your cooldown.

Naturally I recommend ending your workout with Journey's "Don't Stop Believin''.

11. Work out with someone who's just a bit more fit and motivated than you.

Working out with a friend is always more fun than working out alone. In one small study participants who worked out with a fitter partner had better, more intense workouts.


13. Get moisture-wicking underwear.

Underwear designed to keep your undercarriage as dry and comfortable as possible even when you're working up a sweat could be the difference between an unpleasantly swampy workout that you want to end right away and a dryer, more pleasant one.

14. BYO quick-drying microfiber towel.

#GymTowelProblems as I see them:

- Your gym doesn't have towel service.

- Your gym has towel service but the towels are small and/or scratchy.

- Your gym has towel service but you've noticed gym staff transporting dirty towels and "clean" ones in the same container.

- Your gym has towel service but doesn't launder them with bleach.

These are all great reasons to bring your own towel, in particular a microfiber one that absorbs water like a champ and dries super quickly after use. They also tend to be less fluffy and are therefore easier to pack.


16. Instead of waiting for equipment you want to use, learn how to ask to "work in."

Instead of waiting around for someone to get done with the equipment you need to use, it's perfectly acceptable to ask if you can do your sets in between theirs (known as working in). Here's how to do it:

• Wait for them to finish whatever set they're on.

• While waiting, stand a few feet away / try not to hover in their personal workout space.

• When they finish their set politely ask "Do you mind if I work in?"

• Do your set.

• Put the equipment back to whatever setting it was on when you starting using it.

• Repeat, enjoying your newly time-efficient workout!

17. Better yet, learn common exercise swaps and never wait for a machine again.

Instead of waiting around for someone to get done with the leg press, learn how to do a proper squat instead. If there's no space to deadlift a dumbbell, learn to deadlift a free weight.

Here's a list with a bunch of exercises and how to swap them between machines, dumbbells, and barbells.

18. Keep dryer sheets in your gym bag because stench.

21. Pre-packed, frozen fruit + Nutribullet = Instant pre-workout smoothie.

Freeze everything for your pre-workout smoothie in individual bags so you're always ready to just put it all into a Nutribullet, which will blend smoothies right into a to-go cup you can throw in a gym bag.

22. Use liquid chalk to help your tired hands when using free weights or holding a bar.

Chalking up your hands helps you better grip barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, rock climbing walls and more. Many gyms don't provide chalk so BYO and make it the liquid kind which is less messy, more portable, and usually only needs to be applied once per workout.

23. Do strength and cardio at the same time.

Save time by doing a workout that combines strength and cardio; check out more options here.

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