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    20 Delightfully Honest Shirts For Lazy Exercisers

    The perfect tees to not work out in.

    1. This shirt that knows just how much time you should allot for exercise:

    2. This shirt that bears a post-workout sentiment that's honest AF:

    3. Or this T-shirt that simultaneously celebrates sloths and sloth:

    4. This shirt for the wine enthusiast:

    5. This tee that's totally gamed the system:

    6. Or this T-shirt that understands how important rest is to any exercise program:

    7. Or this tee that's ready for 26.2 miles (of television):

    8. This T-shirt that actually has a pretty good point when you think about it:

    9. And this clever tee that knows honesty > abs:

    10. And this one that has the whole motivation thing all figured out:

    11. This yoga T-shirt that's saying what we're all thinking:

    12. Or this one that takes the "running" with a grain of salt:

    13. And this one for anyone who's ever been tricked into a workout:

    14. This shirt that's perfect for the altruist:

    15. And this one that's super honest about just how much you want to be exercising rn:

    16. This T-shirt that perfectly explains what's on your mind during any workout:

    17. Or this classic tee that's basically like "Exercise lol:"

    18. This tee that's taking the end of a relationship just fine:

    19. Or this one that shows how time flies when you're having fun not exercising:

    20. And finally this tee that's honest AF and totally to the point: