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34 Beautiful Tattoos People Got To Cover Their Self-Harm Scars

Inspiring ink from the small and minimalist to the big and colorful.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us the tattoos they got to cover up scars.

Many people shared with us the tattoos they got to cover or reclaim scars from self-harm.

Warning: This post contains images and anecdotes surrounding self-harm, eating disorders, sexual abuse, and suicide.

1. These colorful brushstrokes.

2. This blue butterfly among blue roses.

3. This strong heart with an inscription that means "forever."

4. This thriving willow tree.

5. This colorful reward for one year free from self-harm.

6. This tattoo representing growth and a fresh start.

7. This symbol of recovery from an eating disorder.

8. This plea that intentionally doesn't obscure any scars.

9. The constellation Leo as a reminder to love your body.

10. This reference to a song and reminder to never cut again.

11. This short but poignant quote.

12. This detailed geometric flower.

13. This cool black-and-pink cat.

14. These song lyrics that are a reminder to keep fighting.

15. These powerful symbols done in brown ink.

16. This phoenix rising from the ashes.

17. This white-ink reminder of self-love.

18. This note from a beloved grandparent.

19. This rose that represents growth.

20. These branches with leaves and acorns.

21. This peaceful landscape.

22. This dandelion with flyaway seeds.

23. This mountain range that symbolizes overcoming challenges.

24. This flower with an oversize bloom.

25. This brief, flower-adorned reminder.

26. This important reminder.

27. This pair of tats, both inspired by Lord of the Rings.

28. This blooming peony that represents recovery from sexual abuse and self-harm.

29. This anchor with a powerful declaration.

30. This rose and its accompanying reminder.

31. This semicolon with cat ears that symbolizes mental health and a loyal feline companion.

32. This simple statement and a heartbeat.

33. This feather that commemorates the life of a recently departed friend.

34. And this depiction of an inspiring Hindu goddess.

Responses have been edited for clarity and/or length.

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