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This Transgender Woman Is The First To Be On The Cover Of Women's Running

It's a pretty big deal.

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Recently, she became the first transgender woman to be featured on the cover of the running magazine Women's Running.

James Farrell / Via Women's Running

This is Gapin gracing the cover of the July 2016 issue of Women's Running.

Running played an important role in Gapin's life when she started transitioning in 2012.

Instagram: @entirelyamelia / Via

"Running has always been there for me and that didn't change when I transitioned. I actually relied on it pretty heavily to get through a lot of the heavy emotional and mental parts of transitioning," she told BuzzFeed Health via email.

In fact, the "stubbornness" that gets her through marathon training is what has helped her deal with the challenges of intolerance and transphobia.

Instagram: @entirelyamelia / Via

"It can take a lot to get through a tough marathon or a hardcore training cycle and there usually comes a point where I'm just too stubborn to give in. I think some of that same attitude came out a lot throughout transitioning and even in my life now. I've just refused to give in to a world that doesn't want to accept people like me," she said.


Though the cover is a helluva milestone, Gapin says that visibility for trans people can be a mixed bag.

James Farrell / Via Women’s Running

"Visibility is absolutely a double-edged sword. While it can have a very positive effect and people are much more likely to accept someone they know and can relate to, it can be very dangerous. Not all trans people want visibility or have control over their visibility. For many, it's forced upon them. This can put us at risk and make us targets of violence," Gapin said.

"While I don’t wish to be anyone’s role model, I do hope that I can, at least in some small part, show others that being trans doesn’t have to stop you from doing the things you want to do or being what you want to be," she added.