20 Badass Tattoos Inspired By Health And Wellness

    Seriously awesome ink ahead.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us their tattoos that are inspired by health, fitness, and wellness. Here’s what they shared.

    1. This colorful lion covering up scars from self-harm.

    2. This declaration in the face of a diagnosis.

    3. This powerful punctuation that symbolizes strength in the face of depression and anxiety.

    4. This powerful symbol of recovery from an eating disorder.

    5. This simple medical ID tattoo.

    6. This specimen in a jar following brain surgery.

    7. This life-affirming post-cancer treatment statement.

    8. This ink that celebrates three awesome race finishes.

    9. This important pep talk.

    10. An important message from a loving grandma.

    11. This little marathon finisher.

    12. This simple reminder.

    13. This ode to courage.

    14. This homage to loving yourself.

    15. This hard-earned symbol of tenacity.

    16. This colorful celebration of swimming and the sea.

    17. This full-back piece that covers spinal cord surgery scars.

    18. These Roman numerals that mark the beginning of a weight-loss journey.

    19. This tree of life to commemorate the life and death of a best friend.

    20. And these song lyrics that keep you company when you're down.

    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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