14 Reasons Women Should Never Lift Weights

It can lead to better metabolism, body image, and self-esteem, for starters. What a disaster.

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1. Because who wants to speed up their metabolism, anyway? / Via Instagram: @professional_gym

The afterburn effect (or, if you're a scientist, "prolonged elevations of postexercise metabolic rate") means increased metabolism after certain kinds of exercise, like resistance workouts. So, obviously, stay away, because WHAT A DRAG.

2. And less belly fat? NOT INTERESTED. / Via Instagram: @spartangirl19

Extra fat in the ol' belly area means bad things for cardiovascular health. Aaaand some of us are belly-concerned for aesthetic reasons. Either way weight training means a healthier waist circumference. But, again, no one's really worried about all that.

3. Plus, feeling confident is totally overrated. / Via Instagram: @cassgetsfit_101

Everyone prefers to struggle through their bummer feelings about themselves, right?

4. Also, back pain actually feels great and is not a life ruiner. / Via Instagram: @

For improved pain and quality of life, back pain sufferers should consider weightlifting. If, for some reason, they want relief from their chronic pain, that is.

6. And what's so great about being able to carry your own luggage, groceries, etc.? / Via Instagram: @

Not a damn thing, that's what. Lifting weights till the point of failure means you're building muscle, which means you're getting stronger. The horror!

7. When it comes to actually living longer: What's the BFD? / Via Instagram: @liftinglife

Strength training makes people more physically active in their daily lives, which means less time spent sedentary, which can contribute to a longer life. YAWN.

8. Because everyone <3’s hours and hours of cardio. / Via Instagram: @

Why burn fat efficiently and effectively when you can spend hours on the treadmill?

9. Not to mention that weak or broken bones aren't really that much of a hassle. / Via Instagram: @

Weight-bearing exercise (think: lifting) prevents osteoporosis, which causes the bones to lose density, weaken, and become super susceptible to breaks and fractures. Then again, they do make pretty cool casts nowadays.

11. Struggling with self-esteem is basically a hobby at this point. / Via Instagram: @

So, don't bother lifting weights, because doing so improves women's self-esteem and overall emotional wellbeing. And who needs that?

12. What's better than feeling tight, immobile, and stiff all at once? / Via Instagram: @she2strong

Do NOT get involved with strength training; it improves flexibility, which is just an all-around nope.

13. And running, swimming, or cycling further and faster are not priorities for anyone. / Via Instagram: @

I mean, if they were, mixing longer cardio workouts and strength training sessions would be a great idea because that results in better aerobic conditioning and endurance. But, again, not priorities for anyone, don't waste your time.

14. And finally, of course: Feeling powerful and independent is for the birds. / Via Instagram: @kmricco

Lifting heavier and heavier weights over time will result in feeling strong, powerful, and ass-kickingly rad. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

So, in conclusion, lifting weights is no fun. / Via Instagram: @camillelbaz

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