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14 Reasons Women Should Never Lift Weights

It can lead to better metabolism, body image, and self-esteem, for starters. What a disaster.

1. Because who wants to speed up their metabolism, anyway?

2. And less belly fat? NOT INTERESTED.

3. Plus, feeling confident is totally overrated.

4. Also, back pain actually feels great and is not a life ruiner.

5. And staying healthy and in shape as you age is like, such a bummer.

6. And what's so great about being able to carry your own luggage, groceries, etc.?

7. When it comes to actually living longer: What's the BFD?

8. Because everyone <3’s hours and hours of cardio.

9. Not to mention that weak or broken bones aren't really that much of a hassle.

10. Day-to-day stress and anxiety keeps things exciting.

11. Struggling with self-esteem is basically a hobby at this point.

12. What's better than feeling tight, immobile, and stiff all at once?

13. And running, swimming, or cycling further and faster are not priorities for anyone.

14. And finally, of course: Feeling powerful and independent is for the birds.

So, in conclusion, lifting weights is no fun.

And it's not cool.

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