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16 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Say To Someone Who Gets Migraines

We know you mean well, but just, no.

1. "I totally get it; I get headaches, too."

Heads-up: A headache is to a migraine as stubbing your toe is to getting your foot run over by a Zamboni.

2. "Couldn't you just work if you stayed home?"

3. "Have you tried..."

Yup, we probably have. So, unless you just invented a new migraine treatment, support is preferable to advice.

4. "It's probably stress-related."

5. "Next time you get one, let me know; I give amazing head rubs."

6. "I know someone whose migraines turned out to be a brain tumor."

Chances are we've been to a doctor to get it checked out, but if you're actually concerned that we haven't, maybe rephrase your concern in a less...terrifying way.

7. “You probably just need to take better care of yourself.”

Even when you work hard to manage your triggers, you can still get migraines.

8. "Just lie and say you have a migraine!"

9. "You should watch a movie or listen to some music to take your mind off the pain."

10. "You'll feel better if you get something in your stomach."

There's nothing we'd like more than to be able to keep something down after all this throwing up.

11. "You have a headache again?"

12. "Why are you wearing sunglasses indoors?"

13. "It's your hormones, isn't it?"

14. "You don't look sick."

15. "You should change your diet to..."

16. "You just need to think positive."

But enough about what you shouldn’t say.