16 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Say To Someone Who Gets Migraines

We know you mean well, but just, no.

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2. "Couldn't you just work if you stayed home?"

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Things we can't do when we have a migraine: get out of the fetal position, see through the spots and flashes in our vision, stop throwing up. So, yeah, working would be on the list, too.

4. "It's probably stress-related."

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Yup, changes in stress levels can trigger migraines. And most people struggle with stress management. So, let us know when you cure stress.

5. "Next time you get one, let me know; I give amazing head rubs."

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When we have a migraine, the only thing we want more than for it to go away is for no one to touch us, especially on our heads.

6. "I know someone whose migraines turned out to be a brain tumor."

Chances are we've been to a doctor to get it checked out, but if you're actually concerned that we haven't, maybe rephrase your concern in a less...terrifying way.

9. "You should watch a movie or listen to some music to take your mind off the pain." / Via

When we have a migraine literally the only thing that doesn't hurt our eyes and ears is darkness and silence.

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