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    16 Things You Need To Eat In Newcastle

    Clamming for your bait? Take a look at some mint scran in Newcastle.

    1. Steak pie, mushy peas and mash at Red House.

    2. Burritos and fully loaded nachos at Zapatista Burrito Bar.

    3. Onion soup at Babucho.


    Yes, it is what it looks like. Onion soup poured into a bowl made out of bread. Bread makes everything better, fact. Babucho's speciality is turning a simple-sounding meal into something spectacular. Case in point, this soup and the delicious carbonara served with a fried egg on top.

    4. A freak shake at The Brownie Bar.

    5. Charlotte's beef burger at Starks Kitchen.

    Facebook: starkskitchen

    Every Thursday night at Starks is burger and beer night. My pick is "Charlotte's beef burger" – crisp bacon, gorgonzola and a gigantic onion ring crammed with a beef patty inside a seeded bun. If you're in the mood for seafood though, the soft shell crab burger is also brilliant.

    6. A full English at Quay Ingredient.

    Facebook: QuayIngredient

    Strictly a breakfast and brunch coffee house these guys provide one of the best cooked English breakfasts in Newcastle. They have a wide variety of choice from cereal, pancakes and even egg and soldiers.

    7. Macarons at Mason + Rye.

    Not only are they pretty to look at, they're freshly made every day and taste scrumptious too. Especially the rose macaron, which has a sweet kick and is decorated with a single petal by the patisserie maker's delicate hands.

    8. A meat slider at Hop and Cleaver.

    Facebook: hopandcleaverncl

    This one's for the meat lovers. Tender lamb and succulent pork ribs, sticky sweet chicken wings, four different burgers and a side of fries and salad. Be still my beating heart. Be sure to bring friends – no mere mortal can attempt this solo, no matter how hungry you are.

    9. A Chinese burger at Inoodle.

    Facebook: inoodlenewcastle

    Meet Inoodle's famous Chinese burger. A homemade bun filled with marinated pork. Pro tip: it tastes even better with a side of cold noodles drenched in sesame paste.

    10. A pizza from The Herb Garden.

    The Herb Garden is a pizza palace, with a ridiculous amount of toppings to customise your pizza with. My favourite combo, is chorizo, mixed with peppers, mozzarella and oregano, but feel free to go your own way.

    11. Crispy nut butter chicken at The Naked Deli.

    So healthy, yet so tasty. Everything at The Naked Deli is freshly made, nutritious, and proves that healthy food can also be mouthwateringly delicious. FYI, there are also vegetarian options on the menu.

    12. Seafood at Rileys Fish Shack.

    This isn't any ordinary fish and chip takeaway. It's fancy, modern and the fish is locally caught in Tynemouth. And you can even enjoy an *authentic* seaside view by eating your order at King Edwards Bay. If you're a seafood fan, there's also lobster, oysters and crab available.

    13. Tipsy tea at 97 & Social.

    Afternoon tea with a twist! Here you'll get spirits, teas and cocktails garnished with fresh fruit, edible flowers, herbs, foam and syrups in fine china cups. If you fancy something sophisticated and light this is perfect.

    14. Sushi at Aveika.

    Beautifully decorated Japanese sushi that comes in all colours and shapes. They serve classic Japanese dishes with a creative twist. The restaurant takes inspiration from 'Izakaya' which is the Japanese idea of informal dining.

    15. Spicy chicken at Bealim House.

    Facebook: BealimHouse

    Bealim house has a forever changing menu so you'll always be in for a surprise. The alternative menu is updated four times a year to fit with the seasons. In the summer dig into Nepalese spicy chicken with colourful peppers and rice. Careful though, it's flaming hot!

    16. Picnic for two at The Garden Kitchen.

    Triangle sandwiches, buckets of salad, strawberry cupcakes and jam scones. Enjoy a picnic for two in the garden of Newcastle. They even do picnics to take away, ideal for the summer time – if it's ever sunny in Newcastle that is.

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