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What The Hogwarts House You Think You Are Says About You

Because calling yourself a Gryffindor can be pretty pretentious.

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Most people have a good idea of what Hogwarts house they belong in.

And it makes sense considering how popular the Harry Potter series is. However, not everyone has read the books or watched all the movies, and my guess is that a lot of people chooses their houses based off stereotypes and not the actual qualities that each house values. With that being said, maybe the Hogwarts house you think you are says more about you than what you actually are.



If you think you’re a Gryffindor, chances are that you didn’t read the books but you’re familiar enough with the series to know that they’re generally the good guys. Now, if you have read the books and you still think you’re a Gryffindor, then you must have a case of protagonist syndrome. You also definitely see yourself as the nice guy regardless of if that’s accurate or not, and just generally, you think really highly of yourself. You enjoy traveling but did you really travel if you didn’t post on Instagram?



If you think you’re a Hufflepuff, you need to love yourself more. You put others’ needs ahead of your own and sometimes those people don’t even acknowledge that but you’re too much of a pushover to say anything about it. You’re definitely not the loudest in your friend group and you’re probably the most likely to stay in your hometown. You’ve considered going to some nerdy convention and you’ve read all the books, watched all the movies, and own at least one Harry Potter shirt.



If you think you’re a Ravenclaw, you don’t fail to let people know that you’re smart. I mean you really have to let people know that you’re on that study grind at that part of the school library that only you go to. You can recite your ten-year plan perfectly and you knew about that book or that innovation before it went viral. You generally don’t care about what people do unless it affects you but you always have something to complain about.



If you think you’re a Slytherin, you’re shady and one to look out for. Okay, so maybe you’re not all that bad but you definitely have a small, tight-knit group of friends and you're only nice to other people because you feel they could benefit you in the future. You pride in being savage and you want to be a trendsetter. You were also definitely that kid in high school who had friends in their 20s.

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