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Sushi And Kimbap Are Not The Same

A guide to knowing the difference between the two

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This is sushi.


This is kimbap.


While they are both delicious, they are two different foods from two different countries.

Sushi is from Japan and kimbap is from Korea.

Sushi is from Japan and kimbap is from Korea.

Sushi rice is seasoned with rice vinegar while kimbap rice is seasoned with sesame oil.

Sushi is often made with raw fish while kimbap is often made with cooked meat and vegetables.

Sushi tends to be eaten at restaurants while kimbap is more of a lunchbox type of food.

And let's not forget that there are many different forms of sushi, whereas kimbap sticks to its original form.


Did I mention that they're from two different countries?

So please stop labeling kimbap as sushi. When you fail to credit kimbap properly, you are contributing to the erasure of Korean culture.


And we wouldn't want that, right?

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