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    13 Halloween Moments All Scaredy Cats Know Too Well

    It's not that I hate Halloween. I just hate being scared.

    1. Trying to avoid the Halloween section of stores

    2. Crossing the street just to avoid that one spookily decorated house

    3. Refusing to go inside the haunted house with your friends

    4. But then realizing that you'll be all alone outside if you don't

    5. And then deciding between if you should hide behind your friends or make sure they have your back

    6. Getting genuinely mad at friends when they try to scare you

    7. Not having FOMO for once when all your friends go to something scary without you

    8. And then questioning how well your friends know you when they invite you to something scary

    9. Random noises around this time of year can only mean a serial killer

    10. And if an object randomly falls on the ground, the house is possessed

    11. Seeing someone in a scary costume and then keeping your distance from them just in case

    12. Getting ad-block just so you don't have to see scary movie trailers

    13. And always being the most frequent screamer at the movies