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This Is What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

"Have a nice life, asshole."

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of products called β€œMovers and Shakers,” which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

This week people seem to really be investing in giving themselves a fresh start. That makes sense, since most of us are just now beginning to crawl out of our Winter caves and embrace the Springtime. It seems people are trying to eat healthier, get more organized, and take time for the little things that make them happy. I'd say that's a positive thing.

1. This insanely adorable Darth Vader alarm clock that will make sure you wake up on the dark side of the bed haha get it? ($12.50).

Most promising review: "Bought this for my grandson for Christmas! He loves it and is now able to tell time!" β€”Karen

Get it here.

2. This actually good looking backpack that has padded straps and fits a laptop ($36.99).

It also comes in a neutral tan color.

Most promising review: "Love the design of this backpack. There are so many pockets to put things, both inside and out. It's sturdy enough. Overall, amazing backpack at an amazing price." β€”Chesney

Get it here.

3. These buzzer buttons that are useful in the classroom, for game night, or when your partner won't shut up and you just want to keep interrupting them with random noises ($14.39).

Most promising review: "I am very happy with this product. I am using it for my dog though. With potty training he was afraid of the recommended bell but he loves these buzzers." β€”Pat Ferris

Get them here.

4. This matcha powder that is perfect for baking delicious treats or actual tea-making ($24.69).

Usually this can is over $45. Yeah, matcha is expensive AF.

Most promising review:
Up to now, this is the best tasting matcha I've bought. The product arrived very fast. The small tin container is cute and easy to use. This matcha has strong flavor and green color. It is really high quality matcha, I will definitely order more." β€”Jodee Butler

Get it here.

5. This Korean snail repair cream by Mizon that is supposed to help with acne and skin elasticity ($14.09).

Most promising review: "All I can say is WOW! This skin care product is awesome! It smooths the skin, closes your pores and my skin looks radiant." β€”


Get it here.

6. This brilliant solar powered battery that charges your devices wherever you go, even on camping trips ($20.99).

Most promising review: "I would recommend this solar charger battery pack for the person that loves the outdoors and even maybe the everyday electronics user. It does exactly what it says; withstands rain, charges up itself via sunlight and can charge any USB device quickly and reliably. The build quality is superb and I have not had any issues with it at all." β€”D.A.V.E.2016

Get it here.

7. This 7-in-1 multifunctional pressure cooker that basically does everything except wash itself ($114.86).

The Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, warmer, and it can brown foods.

Most promising review: "Love my Instant Pot, and use it several times a week for cooking anything from Swiss steak to homemade yogurt. It is my favorite piece of kitchen equipment and makes my cooking life so much easier. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to cook but doesn't want to babysit or have to stand over and watch everything while it cooks." β€”Laurie C.

Get it here.

8. This Funko Pop First Order Stormtrooper that you can only get from Amazon ($9.95).

Most promising review: "Love it! Looks awesome with my other Funko Pop Star Wars items! The color is a really bright white and looks great. I thought it might fade after awhile but it still looks like a brilliant white! I put them up at the fireplace mantle and they look so great together." β€”S. Kim

Get it here.

9. These portion control 7-piece snack containers for packing healthy lunches ($12.95).

Most promising review: "I think that these containers are gonna save my life. I really do." β€”Spectabulous

Get them here.

10. This set of 8 LEGO molds that are perfect for making ice cubes, chocolates or jello shots ($14.97).

Most promising review: "Used these with modeling chocolate for a birthday cake and the pieces came out easily. I also used to make homemade gummy Legos. They clean up easily." β€”Chelie Hudson

Get them here.

11. This 24-slot acrylic lipstick case holder, because your lipstick collection has gotten out of control ($3.29).

Reviewer image

Most promising review: "I had to order 6 to hold my current collection, but it solved my long standing lipstick disaster problem." β€”BMW

Get it here.

12. This laundry detergent for wool and cashmere clothing that will save you tons on dry cleaning ($12.05).

Most promising review: "The best for wool and cashmere! I use it to wash my Pendleton and Hudson's Bay Company blankets as well as my sheepskin pelts in addition to my cashmere sweaters. I have extremely sensitive skin and dry cleaning is far too harsh. I've tried many detergents and this makes everything soft and smells amazing!" β€”Glamour Gypsy

Get it here.

13. This two-pack of powdered peanut butter that sounds weird and gross but is actually delicious in smoothies and has less fat than actual peanut butter ($6.99).

Most promising review: "Way cheaper on Amazon than in the store. Totally love this product as there are so many choices to put this into! Smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, etc! My husband even likes it in his morning banana milk smoothie!" β€”Amazon Customer

Get it here.

14. This brush egg that will help you clean your makeup brushes without damaging the bristles ($0.97).

Most promising review: "This is a great product! I've been looking for something like this to clean my brushes but didn't want to spend a ton of money in the process. The grooves give your brushes a deeper clean than cleaning them by hand. It doesn't feel cheap and the silicone is nice and thick. A must have for anyone who has a ton of brushes, it makes cleaning them a lot faster!" β€”Shirley

Get it here.

15. This onion/general vegetable holder that keeps your food in place while you chop it and helps guide your knife for even slices ($12.87).

Most promising review: "I am pretty sure that I have been missing this exact product my entire life. You know how many close chop-chop calls that I have had? This really fixes that AND it makes it a lot easier to chop things when on the board." β€”melissajackson07

Get it here.

16. This sick Aang avatar sticker from Avatar the Last Airbender ($7.36).

Most promising review: "Read the directions, take your time putting it on and you'll have an awesome looking laptop that goes into the Avatar State every time you turn it on." β€”Odin

Get it here.

17. This non-stick donut pan that will make you feel less guilty about binge eating a half-dozen donuts since they're ~baked, not fried~ ($9.23).

Most promising review: "Now my younger sister can make her donuts perfectly round." β€”Arthur Findlay

Get it here.

18. This window mounted dashboard camera that could come in handy for insurance purposes and/or chasing tornados, which you should never do ($150.08).

Most promising review: "Having a dashcam in my windshield gives me peace of mind, as the footage it captures can be used for proof to insurance companies as well as in court. All it takes is one wrong move by another driver and your life can change drastically. Having a quality dashcam is important as you want the footage to actually be usable." β€”Harvey The Reviewist

Get it here.

19. This incredible adult coloring book that will help you get through any breakup, or just express your disdain for humans in general ($8.57).

Featuring phrases like "Have fun living with your mother" atop a garden of birds and flowers.

Most promising review: "This was a great present for my friend who was blue about a recent relationship end. OH AND HE WAS A JERK, so even better." β€”Dani H.

Get it here.

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