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27 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts For The Couple Who Loves To Drink

Or you could just get all of it for yourself. They won't know.

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4. These kits for making gin and flavored tonic syrups.

You could just get the gin or the tonic kit separately, but pairing them makes a really thoughtful gift for the G&T couple in your life (even if they're not married!).

Get the gin kit for $50 and the tonic kit for $30, both from Uncommon Goods.

6. This insulated wine and cheese picnic backpack.

The backpack comes with two acrylic glasses, napkins, a corkscrew, bottle stopper, cheese knife, and a hardwood cutting board. It fits two bottles but can fit a third if you remove the glasses.

Get it from Brookstone for $59.99.


9. A subscription to the Craft Beer Club for any number of months you choose.

Each month the company carefully selects four different types of craft beer. The boxes are packed with three bottles of each type, totaling 12 bottles. You can select any number of shipments, but you'll need to know the couple's address before signing up.

Get the box here for $39 per month with free shipping.

10. A gift card for a personalized wine subscription service.

Yes, generally gift cards feel like lame things to give to a couple that just got married...but this is different. Club W is a monthly wine subscription that tailors boxes exactly to your preferences based on your "palate profile." Giving a gift card for Club W means that the couple can fill out their preferences together and receive their perfect package every month.

The cost is $50 per month, and you can choose however many months you want to pay for.


15. This gorgeous decanter for any couple who appreciates a good bottle of wine.

This one aerates the wine twice — once when you pour it into the decanter and once when you pour it into the glass.

You can get them in two sizes from Uncommon Goods. The 25-ounce option holds an entire bottle and costs $39.99, and the 12.5-ounce option is $29.99. You can also get a set of two 12.5-ounce decanters for $49.99 so that the couple can have red and white at the same time.


18. Or this beautiful set of sake cups designed as a riff on the traditional choko cup.

The good news is that these can be used as more than just sake cups, so they won't be wasteful in terms of taking up space. Let the couple you give it to know that they can also be used as little serving dishes for sauces or food prep.

Get them from the MOMA Store for $80.


23. This molecular mixology kit for the cocktail-loving couple.

This kit basically allows adults to play with their food (well, drinks) in the best of ways. The kit comes with different molecular additives, recipes, and tools to make the coolest cocktails ever. You can also buy these kits for specific types of drinks, like the margarita, mojito, or cosmopolitan.

Get the kit from Uncommon Goods for $49.95.