23 Things For Anyone Whose Love For “30 Rock” Never Died

Oh, you don’t like 30 Rock? THAT’S A DEAL BREAKER.

1. This Sabor De Soldedad shirt that doesn’t contain any evaporated bull semen.

annamacijeski / Via

“I found a prize in here the other day! I hope.”

Find it here for $24.80

2. This Night Cheese Print that Jack would probably get Liz for her apartment.

GrainandDot / Via

“Lemon, I heard you singing Night Cheese.”

Find it here for $10-19

3. This Liz Lemon pop art print that reminds us *we can have it all!*

PopShopPrintables / Via

“Leave the sandwich? LEAVE THE SANDWICH?”

Find the downloadable version here for $8

4. The 30 Rock Soundtrack on iTunes aka the only thing you need to hear forever.

NBCUniversal / Via

It includes Muffin Top, Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, Don’t Go to Bed With a Frown, Tennis Night, and many other gems.

Find it here for $12.99

5. This very spooky Werewolf Bar Mitzvah print.

exbf / Via

*”Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves.”

Find it here for $16

6. This cross stitch with an important message from Tracy.

BananyaStand / Via

Find it here for $38

7. This magnet that captured Liz’s best *oh brother* moment.

MotherShipShop / Via

“Jack, I want you to pay attention to the following over-the-top eye roll.”

Find it here for $3

8. This pack of pencils that can’t curse on TV.

Earmark / Via

Find them here for $7

9. This Shark Week mug that will help you take on the day.

FoolishHumanSociety / Via

Find it here for $14

10. This cross stitch hoop that applies to all humans.

BananyaStand / Via

Find it here for $36

11. This laptop sticker that perfectly embodies Kenneth’s utter nonsense.

charlo19 / Via

“That’s the Devil’s temperature!”

Find it here for $2.40

12. Any of Frank’s amazing hats.

Monboo / Via

You can find all of them here!

Find this one here for $16.15

13. This Leap Day William t-shirt that you can actually wear this year!

Mitchell Lund / Via

If only this were an actual holiday IRL.

Find it here for $24.80

14. This graphic iPhone case that makes Frank look clean for once.

red-corner / Via

This is almost as literal as his “Extra Sausage” hat, if you know what I mean.

Find it here for $22.91

15. This print that lets everyone know how famous you are and exactly what they should do about it.

KatieFernStudio / Via

Find it here for $13

16. This TGS “Duck!” slogan shirt that only the most dedicated fans will understand.

westonoconnor / Via

You can also find the season 6 “YUCK!” shirts here!

Find the season 5 shirts here for $20

17. This print that is perfect for your inner Jenna.

PoppinsDesign / Via

Find it here for $18

18. This card from Jack Donaghy that is full of wisdom.

ExGirlfriendsCards / Via

Would go well with a bottle of scotch.

Find it here for $5

19. This Sheinhardt Universal shirt that proves you don’t care about children or their orange skin.

kndll / Via

“NOT poisoning rivers since 1997.”

Find it here for $24.80

20. These greeting cards that will encourage people to always laugh at their own jokes.

AveryCampbellART / Via

Find them here for $4.50

21. This magnet that shows off Jack’s *piercing blue eyes of a Siberian husky.*

MotherShipShop / Via

“It’s winning time, YOU MAGNIFICENT SON OF A BITCH!”

Find it here for $3

22. This Kenneth the Page uniform t-shirt that is 100% amazing.

TVStoreOnline / Via

“I’ll see you ALLLL in HEAVEN!”

Find it here for $17.95

23. These actual muffin tops that are *ALL THAT.*

Perhaps even whole grain and low fat.

Find them here for $11.95

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