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Here Are A Bunch Of Funko Pops That Will Steal Your Heart

You can't ask me to actually rank them or I'll die.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Fish Mooney and Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin from Gotham.

Fish Mooney: $9.50

Oswald Cobblepot: $10.95

2. Monica and Phoebe from Friends.

Smelly cattttt, smelly cat, what are they feeding you!?

Monica: $8.95

Phoebe: $8.95

3. Bernie Sanders.

4. Captain Phasma and the Amazon-exclusive First Order Stormtrooper from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Phasma: $7.49

Stormtrooper: $9.95

5. BB-8 and R2-D2 from Star Wars.

BB-8: $14.79

R2-D2: $10.64

6. Darth Vader and Kylo Ren from Star Wars.

Darth Vader: $8.99

Kylo Ren: $7.99

7. Rey, Finn, and Poe from Star Wars (this is a complicated love triangle).

Rey: $8.61

Finn: $7.88

Poe Dameron: $7.44

8. Chewbacca from Star Wars.

9. Jack Skellington and Sally with Nightshade from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Jack: $9.98

Sally: $7.99

10. Bob and Linda from Bob's Burgers.

"Pass the cranberry sauce, we're having mashed potatoes! Oh the turkey looks great. Thank you for loving me, thank you for being there." —Linda, singing.

Bob: $11.56

Linda: $11.51

11. Louise and Tina from Bob's Burgers.

“I’m no hero, I put my bra on one boob at a time like everyone else.” —Tina

Louise: $8.77

Tina: $11.23

12. Gene and Beefsquatch from Bob's Burgers.

"What kind of bees make milk? Boo-bees!" —Gene

Gene: $8.99

Beefsquatch: $10.99 (pre-order)

13. The 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler from Doctor Who.

Allons y!

The Doctor: $8.99

Rose: $9.99

14. A tiny Adipose from Doctor Who.

15. Arrow, Felicity Smoak, and The Flash from the crossover TV series Arrow and The Flash.

Arrow: $8.55

Felicity: $9.30

Flash: $8.38

16. Thor and unmasked Iron Man.

Thor: $8.98

Iron Man: $29.85

17. The (adorable) Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man.

Hulk: $8.97

Spiderman: $9.89

18. Thumbs up Deadpool.

19. E.T. phoning home.

20. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.

Daenerys: $8.98

Jon: $9.89

21. Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.

22. Rafiki and Simba from The Lion King.

Rafiki: $24.95

Simba: $9.05

23. Edward Scissorhands.

24. Gus Gus in Cinderella's glass slipper.

25. Dumbledore and Snape from Harry Potter.

Dumbledore: $10.90

Snape: $11.87

26. Dobby from Harry Potter.

27. Luna Lovegood and Sirius Black from Harry Potter.

Luna: $10.99

Sirius: $10.68

28. Harry, Hermione, and Ron from Harry Potter.

Harry: $8.99

Hermione: $9.96

Ron: $8.99

29. Harry in a Quidditch uniform from Harry Potter.

30. Dancing bobblehead Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

31. Walter White from Breaking Bad.