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23 Completely Gorgeous Necklaces To Make A Statement With

This is how to trick people into thinking you didn't *actually* come into work in your pajamas.

1. This fringe number that will transform even the plainest tops and dresses.

2. This super colorful layered piece.

3. This longer statement necklace that will pop on a white t-shirt.

4. Or this gold fringe-tassel hybrid that will give you secret powers.

5. This metal bib necklace that adds a little edge.

6. This gorgeous jeweled number.

7. This layered choker in brass or silver.

Get it from Free People for $48.00.

8. This spiked gold necklace makes even jeans and a t-shirt look amazing.

Get it from Baublebar for $48.00.

9. This gorgeous marble and gold geometric piece that will definitely turn heads.

Find it at ASOS for $48.

10. This amazing gold or silver T-Rex necklace.

Get it from Premium Boutique for $9.94.

11. These gorgeous layered tassel necklaces.

Get them from Free People for $48.00.

12. This chunky layered fan necklace.

13. This sparkly short necklace that's perfect for plunge neck tops or dresses.

14. This tiered necklace that makes even a plain tank top look amazing.

15. This drop necklace that looks like half-flowers.

16. This adorable black cat necklace.

Find it on Etsy for $30.

17. This gorgeous mint necklace that looks like dew drops.

18. This colorful and textural necklace laced with gold accents.

19. This faux-malachite choker that will set off any basic color.

20. This layered gold waterfall necklace.

21. This black and gold number with beaded detailing.

Get it from ASOS for $42.

22. This fringe collar necklace that would go perfectly with a plunge neck dress.

23. And if the statement you're trying to make is that you're ready for summer, this little watermelon slice.

Find it on Etsy for $31.00.


This post previously contained products from sites that BuzzFeed no longer recommends ordering from in light of this recent investigation.