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19 Delightful Pet Products That You'll Love As Much As They Will

When will someone make human-sized shark mouth beds?

Alice Mongkongllite/BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This outdoor pet canopy bed that you'll be dying to fit onto when it gets too hot in the sun.

Get it for $24.99.

2. This dog umbrella leash that you'll love using because it will keep your dog dry when you have to take them for a walk.

Get it for $6.47.

3. This shark bed that you will want to crawl inside of with your cat.

Get it for $10.09.

4. This little doggy treat maker that provides a fun activity for you and a tasty one for your pup.

Get it for $75.

5. This astronaut-inspired carrying backpack that you'll wish you could fit into when your feet get tired.

Get it for $129.

6. This unreasonably comfy-looking "deep-dish" pet bed that will have you wondering whether or not it comes in adult human sizes.

Get it for $29.99.

7. This little hangout spot that will just straight-up make you jealous of your pet.

Get it for $71.49.

8. This cardboard airplane that will make you want to yell "zoom zoom!" while you push your cat around.

Get it for $27.99.

9. Or this pink "Catillac" that'll make you want to do the same thing, except this time it's "vroom vroom!"

Get it for $29.72.

10. This little video cube that allows you to check in with your pet and even take pictures of them when you're not home.

You can even save pictures and videos to share with everyone! Get it for $179.

11. This hamster/rat maze that will remind you of your childhood playtime at the Fun Factory.

Get it for $49.95.

12. This multilevel indoor or outdoor pet house that you'll wish you could retreat into while reading a good book.

Get it for $71.44.

13. This little doggy pocket car seat that you'll wish you could snuggle into.


Get it for $16.99.

14. This windowsill perch for your lil' kitty that you'll wish you could take a nap on too.

Get it for $34.99.

15. This deliciously cozy nest that you'll want in human size.

Get it for $64.99.

16. This kitten hammock that you need to take a snooze in.

Get it for $29.

17. This ball pit for ferrets that will make you want to hop in and roll around.


Get it for $20.58.

18. These Pendleton dog beds that are stylish and cozy.

Get the blue one for $139.99 (made for larger dogs) and the white one for $118 (made for medium dogs). Shop for more colors here.

19. And this Chuckit! launcher, so you don't have to get your hands all slobbery when playing fetch.

Get the classic one for $9.59.

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