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This Is What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

You need a 32-pack of Pop-Tarts.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of products called “Movers and Shakers,” which is pretty much just fancy-talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

This week people seem to be buying a lot of totally useless shit. I mean, there are still lots of useful things on here, but also a lot of shit that is not. Take this "Gnomezilla" garden statue. I don't know. People buy weird things.

1. This set of pretty much every kitchen gadget you need, specifically the pizza wheel and cheese slicer ($32.99).

For some reason these used to be $130. Either way, when someone gives you the opportunity to own a pink pizza cutter, you take it.

Most promising review: "OMG, they are so beautiful. This is an amazing set of kitchen tools. Very sturdy, high quality. I'd say the best kitchen tool set. I use it everyday. Comfortable in my hand." —Roberta

Find it here.

2. This water fountain for your cat that will prevent them from taking over your sink why you're trying to get ready in the morning ($29.59).

It also works for dogs. Dogs also drink water.

Most promising review:
"A couple of our cats love to drink from this, so that is a good thing." —Lovely Leeto

Find it here.

3. This mini Coca-Cola fridge that holds 8 cans and ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE A CAN ITSELF ($129.99).

Most promising review: "This is a really fun gift. I bought it for my husband about 5 months ago. He put it in our master bathroom, and now he can have cold drinks any time of the night, without going downstairs to get it. If you remove the shelf it will hold tall bottles, like wine." —Corrine

Find it here.

4. This horrifying "Great Garden Gnome Massacre" statue for your horrifying garden of sadness ($25.99).

New motto for Gnomezilla: "ass burstingly good!"

Most promising review: "Got this for my mom and she bursts her ass laughing at the sight of it" —Jack Iron

Find it here.

5. This double-layer storage setup for dog food that also works outdoors ($19.71).

Most promising review: "I left my 3 boxers inside the house with 2 sets of these containers and came home to find them in various places in the house, with numerous scratches and bite marks, but still closed and the contents safe! Attempts at self-feeding were foiled!" —Diana Nicholson

Find it here.

6. This mandolin slicer that will give you perfectly even cuts every time ($15.98).

Most promising review: "This is my favorite new kitchen tool! Extremely sharp, nimble, and does exactly what it is made for. Cuts through vegetables like butter and has a double-sided blade for even faster slicing." —Hairball

Find it here.

7. This Daniel Wellington watch that is on crazy sale ($86.96).

It's usually $199, and it's inexplicably still full price on Daniel Wellington's site.

Most promising review: "Looks great, feels great, works great!" —Carolyn Moltu

Get it here, along with a bunch of other colors and styles.

8. These Himalayan salt tea light holders that "purify the air" (two for $5.11).

The science is not promising, but OK.

Most promising review: "I love these.They are pretty and also useful.They look beautiful when a small tealight candle is lit inside.The price was great too!" —Virginia Gavin

Find them here.

9. This silver necklace that will lift your spirits every day ($26).

Most promising review: "Bought this for my wife for our two year anniversary. She's totally not girly (I am) so I was worried she might not like a necklace as a gift...however it was perfect. It's small, masculine...and the meaning behind it inspires her." —Brieanna Whitfield

Find it here.

10. This six pack of Edison bulbs that will turn your home into a hipster palace ($24.95).

Most promising review: "These Edison Bulbs are beautiful! They are very unique and rustic, adding the perfect finishing touch to the chandelier in our home." —dalibby

Find it here.

11. This enormous package of Pop-Tarts that has zero nutritional value ($19.99).

Most promising review: "Pros: 1. Keep these on your desk and vegans, gym rats, and organicophiles will never try to steal your food. 2. Teaches you marketing by playing fast and loose with the term 'good' in their claim: 'A good source of at least 6 vitamins and minerals'. Cons: 1. Increased likelihood of youth obesity and diabetes (let's be honest, small price to pay for all of those awesome Pros)." —M. Scott Olson

Find it here.

12. This Color Swirl decorating set so you can make cupcakes that look SO FUCKING COOL ($8.97).

Most promising review: "This is the coolest item. The finished product will look like it came from a fancy bakery, very professional. You can combine 3 colors and swirl them all together to make a creative and colorful finished frosting. Very easy to use and very well made, easy to clean affordable addition to my baking items." —Carissima Bunetta

Find it here.

13. This six-pack of white T-shirts that makes the perfect backup stash for those days when you're too fucking lazy to do laundry ($14.42).

Most promising review: "They are t-shirts." —Brad

Find them here.

14. These leg warmers that seem to only be for the purpose of '80s costume parties ($6).

Most promising review: "Perfect for my 80s outfit!" —Linda Bauer

Find them here in a variety of awful colors.

15. This pack of ultra-durable 10-foot charger cables that any obsessive iPhone user needs (two for $12.99).

Most promising review: "This is a nice, thick cord made of nylon material. It is really strong and flexible and it's heavier than an Apple cable. You can actually be on your phone without the cord becoming disconnected. I tested the cable out on my iPad Air 2 and on my iPhone 6, and it worked flawlessly." —Dolores Cerdon

Find it here.

16. This Fujifilm Instax Mini camera that takes instant Polaroids for you to immediately upload to your Tumblr ($59.95).

Most promising review: "I would consider this camera one of my best purchases of all time. I am totally in love with every photo that I take with it. It's very easy to operate and absolutely worth it." —Lillian

Find it here in a bunch of different colors.

17. This vegan makeup brush set that will make your face look flawless ($11.99).

Most promising review: "I'm blown away with how amazing these brushes are, they make your foundation look so much smoother. I'm obsessed." —Christina

Find them here.

18. These reusable wool dryer balls that will save you so much money in the long run ($13.87).

Most promising review: You throw one to three balls into every load (depending on the size, see instructions on the bag) and the balls circulate through the load of laundry allowing the hot air to flow better and helping the clothes to dry faster since the clothes are not always tumbling in a heap. Wool Dryer Balls are energy saving and reduces the drying cycle by 25-40%, and can be used for 1,500+ cycles lasting about a year." —Next Generation Stay At Home Mom

Find them here.

19. This tongue cleaning *starter kit* because toothbrushes are stupid ($8.97).

Most promising review: "I, for whatever reason, have horrible breath. I, THANK THE GOOD LORD GOD, have found "Tung Gel" and a tongue brush, plus a tongue scraper for good measure. It WORKS SO WELL that it almost freaks me out to receive positive reactions when talking to people. I have even eaten a meal and been able to keep talking for a little while before I need to tongue-brush again. If you have the struggles I have, please do try "Tung Brush and Gel". Best to you all." —Cappy

Find it here.

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Number 17 in this post was removed because it was a counterfeit of Urban Decay's Naked line. It has been replaced with a new makeup brush set.

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