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This Is What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

You didn't know it until now, but you need this wind-inflated lounger.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of products called β€œMovers and Shakers,” which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

This week people are buying things that are extremely clever. Not just cute and cool stuff, but things that you'll be like "why didn't I think of that?!" when you see them. Also, some of them will convince you of problems you didn't know you had. Now I can't stop thinking about how badly I want a bread loaf slicer.

1. This portable, wind-inflated lounger that you can take anywhere ($69).

It comes with a carrying case and is designed to provide support for your head. Basically, you just just hold it open against the wind and it inflates!

Most promising review: Love this product. I took a few tries to get it JUST RIGHT, but this will definitely travel with me wherever I go. It is a lot of fun and very comfortable. β€”Amazon Customer

Get it here.

2. These pulled pork "bear paw" shredders that will make you look and feel like Wolverine ($5.39).

Most promising review: "I bought these for the sole purpose of pulling smoked pork butts for pulled pork sandwiches. These make the task so much easier than using large forks. These things are great!" β€”T. Eddington

Get them here.

3. This avocado saver that will keep your avocados fresh when you only eat one half at a time ($6.37).

Most promising review: "I had my doubts about the effectiveness of this, but it actually works! I kept half an avocado in it for four days, and when I took it out, there was only a small amount of browning around the edges, but most of the avocado was still green and fresh. A quirky but fun addition to your kitchen utensils, and a great gift to anyone who eats lots of avocados." β€”M. Ullman

Get it here.

4. This very adorable sloth plush that has no problem hangin' around with you ($12.99).

Or your cat!

Most promising review: Love my sloth, he is cuddly and nice and soft." β€”Ashley

Get it here.

5. This adjustable cake leveling tool that will help you create even layers for stacked cakes ($6.32).

Most promising review: "I used this to make a three layer checkerboard cake. I don't think the cake would have looked nearly as level and perfect without this tool. It's VERY easy to use and I had no problem adjusting the wire. I can't wait till the next birthday to make the cake. (It's my birthday, but hey... that's all right!)" β€”LBAyres

Get it here.

6. This set of six glass bottles with tops that have straps so you can go on that juice cleanse you've been meaning to try ($21.95).

Most promising review: "I did a lot of research before purchasing, and I am so happy I got these ones! The glass is thick & the tops are well made. No leaks & easy for every day use." β€”Amazon Customer

Get them here.

7. These Birkenstock sandals that are great for a long day of walking adventures ($99.95+).

Most promising review: "Always pleased with Birkenstock. They have to be broken in for a time but once they are, they're the best go-to shoe for years. Great quality & worth the extra money." β€”Amazon Customer

Get them here in a variety of colors.

8. This foldable bamboo bread slicer that will help you get perfectly even slices every time ($24.99).

Most promising review: "Great product for uniform homemade bread slicing." β€”Robert I.

Get it here.

9. These bath bomb molds so you can at least try to stop spending so much money at Lush ($12.99).

Most promising review: "We made bath bombs! BOOM! Well, ours more liked fizzled, but it was an exciting fizzle that smelled like vanilla. So while it didn't blow up the bathtub, it did leave the skin feeling nice and soft. And it didn't cost us $6.50 a bath-bomb. Downside: it used up a lot of our cornstarch, so no homemade pudding until we buy some more." β€”Xaetognath

Get them here.

10. This invisible strapless bra that holds your boobs in place with adhesive silicone ($8.99).

Most promising review: "So far I love this!!! I am a long time supporter of sticky boobs, as I call them. I always have bought the target ones for $20 or so. These work just as well for half the cost!" β€”Kim Kurotori

Get them here in a variety of colors.

11. These classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers that will continue to be in style for the rest of your life, probs ($114+).

Most promising review: "They got me a girlfriend." β€”Amazon Customer

Get them here.

12. This pack of 12 emoji beach balls that would be excellent for your next pool party ($14.95).

Most promising review: "We used these for our daughter 's Emoji them 10th birthday pool party. They were a success with all the kids and after party we gave each child one instead of a goody bag." β€”E. Valencia

Get them here.

13. These portable, color changing hue bloom lights that add colorful accents to any room ($50).

Most promising review: "The Hue light adds some great ambient lighting to any wall in your house. Very easy to set up, and now shines brightly in my room." β€”JP

Get it here.

14. This pack of odor eliminators that can be used in your smelly shoes, car, or anywhere things tend to get stinky ($8.50).

Most promising review: "This has been a magnificent addition to our preschool bathroom! We are not able to change the trash as often as these cute, adorable toddler's poop. We only change the trash at nap and at the end of the day. Now with this small bag the bathroom no longer smells ferocious!" β€”angharrison

Get it here.

15. This magical bonding web that allows you to hem clothes without a sewing machine ($3.99).

All you need is an iron!

Most promising review: "I have zero sewing skills and just got fed up with the whole hemming process. So I heard of this stuff from a family member and thought I would give it a try. Stupid easy to use and amazingly is holds even after numerous hot water washings!" β€”J. Taylor

Get it here.

16. This pack of five reusable and easy-to-clean stainless steel straws that cut down on plastic waste ($9.95).

Most promising review: "Love that we can use these straws over and over again. We use them for everything, not just smoothies. They are easy to just throw in the dishwasher or clean with the tool provided." β€”JACLYNN

Get them here.

17. This welcoming whale bath rinser that is totally acceptable for adults to use while taking baths ($9.99).

Most promising review: "Love this product so much. Easy to use and keeps water out of my girls' faces when rinsing their hair." β€”KF2607

Get it here.

18. This pack of four stretchable food covers that come in different sizes and work on foods and containers of any shape ($20).

Most promising review: "They are easy to put on and seem to be very strong. They are very stretchy yet hold a seal perfectly. We got a set of all four sizes and plan to supplement them with a few more of the medium and larger sizes." β€”Johnson

Get it here.

19. This super sleek MVMT watch that can easily be dressed up or dressed down ($95).

Most promising review: "This watch is very very nice and is one of my favorites. It comes with a nice case so you can keep it protected when not wearing it." β€”Ricardo Carmona

Get it here.

20. This foundation brush that works for liquid or powder makeup ($8.99).

Most promising review: "I had a much smaller version of this brush that worked okay.... But this brush is AMAZING! It blends my highlight/contour powders better than foundation brushes or sponges! It is just amazing! You need this brush!" β€”Erynn

Get it here.

21. These antiperspirant wipes for people who sweat excessively and are sick of perpetual pit stains ($18.99).

Most promising review: "SweatBlock has been a lifesaver for me. I used to always be so self conscious about sweating and body odor. But ever since I discovered SweatBlock I feel confident that my excessive sweating is under control." β€”Mark Gushiken

Get it here.

22. This Stila waterproof liquid liner that will help you achieve a flawless cat-eye every time ($21.99).

Most promising review: "I absolutely love this pen! Some liquid eyeliners go on to thick, this one goes on thin and you can make the line as thick as you'd like. It is perfect for transitioning from the office to out on the town at night. Definetly worth the cost!" β€”Boo

Get it here.

23. This 10-speed vibrator that is sure to help you relieve some stress ($15.99).

Most promising review: "This vibrator is great! I love that it has many different settings to get just the right vibe for every different mood. The silicone is clearly a very high grade because this product is very soft! It is flexible yet still hard enough to get pleasure from it." β€”William Delery

Get it here.

24. The "TED Talks" book on public speaking that might be just the thing you need to overcome your stage fright ($18.77).

Most promising review: " The expectations were high for Anderson's book and he delivered. I've read more than 1,000 public speaking books over the last 30 years. Anderson's book stands out as the best speaking skills book of the decade, if not longer." β€”TJ Walker

Get it here.

25. These day-of-the-week boxer briefs that will really ~have you covered~ ($48.99).

Most promising review: "Not only are they extraordinarily comfortable, but the personalization makes for a great finishing touch. When working out, the underwear works with you instead of against, and the pouch is the best part. You hardly know that you have them on." β€”j parker

Get them here.

Some of these reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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