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Here's What's Trending On Amazon Right Now

Hint: Pool floats, Harry Potter and Star Wars all make an appearance.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of products called “Movers and Shakers,” which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

Prepare yourselves for back sweat, pool parties, flip flops and lots of watermelon. The people's wallets have spoken: summer is coming!

1. This delicious donut pool float with a bite taken out ($14.99).

Most promising review: "Looks real. Does not taste real. Upon further inspection I realized that not even the frosting was real. Guess I'll use it as a floatie." —CJD91

Get it here.

2. This hardcover of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that's available for pre-order ($17.99)!!!!!

No reviews yet since it's not out, but they will definitely all be amazing.

Get it here.

3. This beautiful set of stacking bracelets and a watch that would make a great Mother's Day gift ($131.25).

Customer Image

Most promising review: "This is a great everyday timepiece. It looks far more expensive than it really is, It keeps accurate time and It feels great on the wrist. This item comes in fancy packaging that displays all of the bracelets and watch perfectly. All in all this is a fantastic set, you get four pieces to wear because you can use the bracelets all on their own!" —EuReka

Get it here.

4. These running sneakers that can also be worn casually with everyday outfits ($31.99 to $36.99).

Most promising review: "They look and feel great. Very lightweight and breathable shoes that I can wear all day. The shoes are very comfortable and fits as expected. I have to say I was so surprised by the quality and niceness of these shoes. They have an excellent grip and cushion. Do yourself a favor and get these. Best shoe for the price." —Bertha

Get them here.

5. These portable, collapsible dog water bowls that are perfect for a long day out with the pup ($6.99).

Most promising review: "These were amazing. These larger bowls have a smooth finish inside, which makes them easy to completely clean. The bright colors makes them easy to see and they collapse completely flat to fit in a backpack, pocket or to easily clip onto a leash. Great price and highly recommended!" —CC Rider

Get them here.

6. This glorious 72-pack of Prismacolor colored pencils that would destroy any other colored pencils in battle ($69.59).

Most promising review: "I love these pencils!!! Smooth like butter and blend extremely well. These pencils do not have the waxy buildup like cheaper ones. Worth the extra $$$." —Jojo

Get them here.

7. This fruit infusing water bottle that anyone who's trying to stay hydrated could really use ($8.97).

Most promising review: "Love my new water bottle. Does not leak and I can slip it in my purse and it fits in my car holder too. Good price and great product." —Amazon Customer

Get it here.

8. This pineapple corer that's so easy to use it will make you re-think buying the more expensive pre-cut kind at the grocery store ($6.99).

Most promising review: "When this first entered my life I didn’t know how useful it would become." —James Spore

Get it here.

9. This set of six popsicle molds that will help you gracefully transfer into the glory that is sunshine and warm weather ($7.95).

Most promising review: "These are great. Made some pineapple juice pops today and they're delicious. Just follow the instructions on the box and leave a little headroom for expansion in the freezer and run the frozen plastic under the faucet for a few seconds to pop out the popsicles. A great and easy way to eat healthier. Love that they're dishwasher safe and so compact too." —Shannon

Get it here.

10. This steel-top champagne sealer for those rare times you don't down a whole bottle at once ($5.81).

Most promising review: "I've used this stopper on a few bottles of champagne and it really holds for over 2 weeks. By 3 weeks, the champagne starts going flat. It was a great purchase." —Irene G. Reale

Get it here.

11. This misting humidifier that has a night light function built in ($39.99).

Most promising review: "I LOVE this humidifier! I can keep it on low for the night and it's still running in the morning. I have yet to run it on high but the low setting is just fine in my bedroom. I particularly like how it adds to the ambiance of my room. It has a nightlight setting that creates a soft blue glow. It's quite and very relaxing. It's not too big and actually looks nice. Definitely recommend!" —Amazon Customer

Get it here.

12. This pedicure tool that'll help you remove dry or calloused skin from your heels ($36.84).

Most promising review: "I had very dry and rough feet, and just one use of this cleaned my feet up so they look great and are super smooth. I love it!" —Laura A

Get it here.

13. This huge-ass box of Lindt truffles that you should reward yourself with for being alive ($15.88).

Most promising review: "This is so good it should be outlawed." —dts

Get it here.

14. This ombre macbook keyboard cover that any pastel-lover definitely needs right now ($6.99).

Most promising review: "Protects my keyboard like a charm, and stays in place without budging. Plus, you can't go wrong with such a pleasing color scheme; received a ton of compliments on it." —tenshichic

Get it here in this color combo and about a million others!

15. This Calvin Klein sports bra that will make you feel like a sophisticated exercise lady ($16.88 to $28).

Most promising review: "These bralettes are the best! They work as a sports bra for light exercise/walking or as just a comfy bra when you don't feel like dealing with underwire. Super flattering and comfortable." —Alexandra R. Mciver

Get it here in a bunch of color options.

16. This watermelon slicing gadget that will prevent you from cutting off your arm trying to slice up a huge circular object ($9.98).

Most promising review: "I'm glad with this watermelon slicer." —Amazon Customer

Get it here.

17. These bra strap clips that turn any bra into a racerback, without having to use safety pins that fly off and stab you in the back, literally ($6.99).

Most promising review: "I was pleasantly surprised with this item. I thought I was going to have a difficult time putting one on, but it was surprisingly easy. It stayed put all day and didn't even notice that it was there. I'd definitely recommend these to others." —Amazon Customer

Get them here.

18. This universal phone mount for bicycles that allows you to see important notifications or your GPS ($11.99).

Most promising review: "This one has a firm grip even without the rubber straps pulled over the corners. With the rubber, there's no way it's coming out." —Jeff Olsen

Get it here.

19. This Canon DSLR with an 18-55mm lense that could take some baller pictures of your food for Instagram ($499).

Most promising review: "Great camera and lens combination. I am a hobby photographer and I am very satisfied with the quality of this camera." —Camper Mike

Get it here.

20. These tiny Kawaii food cabochons that have a flat back so you can glue them to phone cases or notebooks or anything your heart desires ($7.49 for 20 pieces).

Most promising review: "They are EXACTLY what I was looking for! Perfect size & are so cute! They have so much detail! I just love them so much!! Will buy more soon! Thank you!!" —Hullabaloobunny

Get them here.

21. This bottle of Nautica cologne that probably smells like sunshine and the ocean, based on the color at least ($14.52).

Most promising review: "Top 3 on my 40+ cologne collection. It is pleasant, soft and soothing, not in a flowery way. More for sunny days. Layman's way of describing the smell would be to imagine a nice looking guy wearing white shirt, half buttoned up with sleeves rolled up, sitting at the beach, smiling." —A young 40 something man

Get it here.

22. This sunshade that makes your car look like the Millenium Falcon ($10.97).

Most promising review: "My car is The Millennium Falcon, so it would only be fitting to have this to shield my precious cargo from our two suns." —elyssa haeussler

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