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18 Mother's Day Gifts That You Can Split With Your Siblings

You can all be the favorite child this year!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This set of teas for the mom who needs a chance to relax a little.

Get them here for $55.

2. This KitchenAid stand mixer for the mom who loves to bake.

Prices vary on Amazon based on the colors, but a 5-quart mixer will cost roughly $275.

3. This succulent wall planter kit that is a really thoughtful gift for the mom who loves gardening.

Get it here for $110.

4. This iPhone 6/6s battery charging case for the mom whose phone is always on the fritz.

It will keep her phone charged for up to 25 hours straight — no more worrying! Get it here for $99.99 (with free shipping).

5. This insanely cool glass pot for the mom who honestly just loves really cool stuff.

Get it here for $200.

6. A monthly subscription to Club W for the mom who loves drinking wine.

You can give her a gift subscription which allows her to build her palate profile so that the wine selected for her each month fits exactly what she likes.

The base package includes three bottles a month for $39 plus $6 shipping. Buy a gift subscription here.

7. This cozy bathrobe and slippers set for the mom who loves to lounge (or the one who doesn't get a chance to very often).

If you really want to go all out, combine this with the wine subscription or get her a gift certificate for a massage!

Get the robe and slippers set here for $39.99.

8. Or these seriously luxurious Ugg slippers for the mom who is always cold and wears thick knit socks around the house all the time.

Get them here for $119.99.

9. This portable light that folds out from the shape of a small book into a reading lamp — perfect for the mom who loves to read.

It's also great for anyone who travels or loves to go weekend camping! Get it here for $59.98.

10. This customizable Swarovski crystal birthstone ring for the mom who loves to hold her family close.

You can choose how many stones you want to include ranging from two to six, and can include the birthstone of any family members you want. Order it here for $65 to $85 depending on the number of stones you choose.

11. This outdoor gas grill for moms who love cookouts or grilling.

This is, of course, assuming she doesn't already have a grill or she needs an upgrade.

Get it here for $199 (upgrade for around $20 to include a cover if you want extra life points). If she prefers charcoal, check this one out instead.

12. A monthly subscription to Birchbox for the mom who loves skincare and makeup samples.

It only costs $10 per month for a subscription, but you can also select specifically curated boxes for one-time orders. You can get one box free by subscribing for a whole year at $110, which is a great option for splitting with siblings. Click here to subscribe!

13. This aromatherapy diffuser and set of essential oils for the mom who's always stressed about everything (so...every mom ever).

Get the diffuser here for $37.99 and the set of 14 essential oils here for $28.98.

14. This elegant jewelry holder that doubles as a lovely piece of decor for the mom who's a pro at accessorizing.

Get it here for $100.

15. A set of four Tiles that keep track of keys, phones, purses and anything else for the mom who loses everything all the time.

It coordinates with an app, so as long as she has a smartphone, she can use them. Get them here for $69.96. You can also order packs of 8 or 12.

16. This handmade, wooden heirloom journal for the mom who loves to cook and pass down recipes.

Write her a card asking for some of the specific recipes that have meaning to you, and tell her that it's something you want to keep for the future.

Get it here for $70.

17. This beautiful bluebird yarn bowl for the mom who loves to knit.

It keeps the yarn from getting tangled and gives it a place to be when she takes a break. Get it here for $65.

18. This stylish Tory Burch bracelet that holds a FitBit tracker for the mom who loves to stay active.

Get it here for $205.

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