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21 Products You'll Want If You Love Being Fancy

Live your best life, fancy pants.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This prosecco bubble bath gel that will make your relaxation time feel that much more indulgent.

Get it here for $38.

2. This luscious silky robe to wrap your tired body in a luxurious embrace after a long day of wearing pants.

Get it here for $49.50 in this color and a ton of others.

3. These beautiful chandelier earrings that will really capture your ~glamourous~ lifestyle.

Get them here for $36.

4. These gold office supplies, aka "desk accents," will make even the most minimal tasks feel chic.

Get the stapler here for $15.99, the scissors here for $16.99, and the gold bird tape dispenser here for $13.99.

5. This over-the-top gorgeous rose-gold water bottle that will encourage you to stay hydrated.

Get it here for $42.

6. This elegant teacup-and-saucer set that will make you feel like royalty while you sip some Earl Grey.

Get it here for $22.

7. This set of silky-soft French milled soap that you can use for guests or for yourself (definitely for yourself).

Get it here for $24.

8. This gold flatware that you deserve to use every day.

Get a five-piece set here for $19.99.

9. This satin pajama set that will make you feel like you should be sleeping in a fancy hotel room.

Get it here for $55. You can also get it in duck egg blue here, and you can find a similar version in plus sizes here for $27.

10. These diamond-shaped ice cubes that will gussy up any drink.

Thirsty? Here, drink this glass of diamond water!

Get it here for $14.

11. This precious teacup-and-saucer set with gold detailing that will make you feel like tea-party royalty.

Get it here for $64.99.

12. This crystal whiskey decanter set with four glasses that will make you want to have cocktail hour every hour.

Get it here for $49.98.

13. This fancy gold-and-white ashtray that will make any blaze sesh feel special.

Get it here for $45 and use code BUYMEBULLETIN for 15% off!

14. This 14-karat gold-plated flask that will solidify your reign as the most glam gal around.

Get it here for $35.

15. This pair of super-soft cashmere socks that are literally like little sweaters for your cold toes.

Get them here for $21.

16. These crown-shaped coat hooks that will make you feel like the true queen you are.

Perfect for hanging up your silk robes. Get the set here for $37.45.

17. This regal bookmark that will definitely make you want to read more.

Get it here for $12.99.

18. This two-pack of 10-foot-long gold iPhone charging cables that you can share with your best ~glam pal~.

Read why you need one of these in your life here, and then get the set here for $11.99.

19. This little Moscow mule cocktail kit that's perfect for when you're traveling.

Get it here for $17.49.

20. This marble laptop cover that will make you feel sophisticated and classy even when you're eating Cheetos and watching Netflix in bed.

Get it here for $19.99.

21. These gold nail clippers and tweezers that will have you grooming in style.

Get the clippers here for $2.99 and the tweezers here for $10.99.

You truly are a cultured pearl in this world of cubic zirconias.

Paramount Pictures / Via

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