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14 Ways Trays Can Make Your Space Feel More Put-Together

Trays make any space feel more put together.

Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed

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1. Use trays in the kitchen to keep spices, oils, utensils, etc. handy while cooking.

You can also use round trays atop a lazy Suzan, which will rotate to give you maximum access to all your kitchen tools. Find a white kitchen tray here.

2. Use cheap serving trays to make centerpieces feel more complete.

Sally Kaplan/BuzzFeed
Sally Kaplan/BuzzFeed

Trays can help centerpieces made of grouped items look a bit more polished and intentional. Find this tray from Ikea here.

3. Use wicker or natural reed trays for an unexpected bar set-up.

Sally Kaplan/BuzzFeed

They add texture and warmth to any space. Find a set of three seagrass trays here.

4. Make your coffee table feel more contained by using a flat marble tray.

Sally Kaplan/BuzzFeed
Sally Kaplan/BuzzFeed

This is a great trick for making your keeping books and magazines looking neat. Find this slab here.

5. Keep your jewelry and makeup contained and organized.

You can even buy serving trays or shallow bowls from thrift stores to hold your jewelry without breaking the bank. Find a medium-sized mirrored tray here.

6. Impress your friends with a portable barrista bar.

If you're a minimalist coffee drinker, you don't even need to bother with the extra ingredients. Just keep your beans, a grinder, a few mugs, and your filters on a tray for easy access. Find a modern silver tray here.

7. Use utensil trays at the entryway of your home to keep track of easily lost items like keys, change, phones, etc.

Jay Wilde for Better Homes and Gardens / Via

When it comes to using trays, it's OK to think outside the box. You can hang a tray on the wall, or just set it down on a shelf. Either way, utensil trays are a great way to compartmentalize your easily lost items. Find this one here.

8. Repurpose a tray table as a nightstand.

Tray tables are usually used as bar trays or living room end tables, but they're particularly perfect as nightstands. The heightened edge creates a more defined space for your things. Find one here.

9. Make your guests feel special by using a tray to serve food.

A rustic tray works perfectly for a cheeseboard or snack platter, and can double as a decorative tray when you're not entertaining guests. Find this one here.

10. Use little catch-all dishes on your nightstand for when you forget to take your jewelry off after you've gotten in bed.

Sally Kaplan/Buzzfeed

Find this gorgeous gold tray here.

11. Use acrylic trays to declutter your desktop at work or at home.

You can buy trays that are specifically meant for desk tops, or you can repurpose any other type of tray and place little ceramic bowls in it to hold your paper clips, rubber bands, tacks etc. Find these trays here.

12. Use boot trays to keep your wet shoes off the floor.

Photo by Dasha Wright. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. Copyright © 2006. / Via

You can DIY super-stylish boot trays pretty easily by buying really cheap rubber boot trays and filling them with pebbles from the hardware store, or you can buy a copper tray here.

13. Use narrow vanity trays on top of your toilet if you don't have countertop space.

For people who don't have much space, the top of the toilet is actually a great place for a vanity tray. You can use it for decorative objects like plants, or use it for your perfumes, lotions, and toiletries. Find a narrow one here.

14. Use a tray to hold a DIY centerpiece that can move from room to room.

You can use this trick for literally any holiday. Build your theme around colors or textures, and make sure to use differently sized objects to create height and variety. Find a wood tray here.

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