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25 Adorable "Sailor Moon" Products You Can't Live Without

You'll punish your wallet in the name of Sailor Moon.

1. These purses that you'll want to use for more than just cosplay.

Get them here for $9.19 to $20.99.

2. This iPhone silicone case with the Moon Stick.

3. This cute rabbit umbrella that will make you feel like Usagi Tsukino.

4. These Funko Pop! figurines that are finally available for pre-order.

5. This purple Luna beanie with ears (!!!).

6. These backpacks that are perfect for everyday use.

Get them here for $31.88.

7. This adorable top and skirt combo.

8. These tights for cosplay or life in general.

9. These ankle socks for when you want to be sneaky about your obsession or these taller ones for when you don't.

Get the ankle socks here for $9.99 and the taller ones here for $18.49.

10. This set of feline mugs featuring Artemis and Luna.

11. This travel mug (Chibiusa is on it too).

12. This sick glow-in-the-dark Luna backpack.

13. This Artemis and Luna skater dress.

14. These cake toppers for the cutest cupcakes or party favors you've ever seen.

15. These swimsuit teddies that can be worn with skirts for cosplay or on their own for laying out at the beach.

These ones only come in one size and they're $6.99 each, but you can get them in any size and with more variety here for $19.99.

16. This Sailor Jupiter muscle tee.

17. This precious Artemis sticker for your laptop or car.

18. This lil' onesie for your favorite Baby Moon.

19. These awesome leggings for kicking ass at the gym or IRL.

20. This moody Luna T-shirt.

21. This super cute set of tumbler glasses.

22. This transformation pen set that comes in a sparkly package for collectors.

Get it here for $127.

23. This insulated lunchbox that's probably meant for kids but who even cares?

24. This apron that comes in several design variations.

25. And these adorbs Luna and Artemis patches.

Get Luna here for $10.26 and Artemis here for $5.95.

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