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22 Thermochromatic Products That Will Make You Believe In Magic

Even Hogwarts students would be like "dayuuuuum!"

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This sweet pixelated heart mug that changes your black heart to a red one once you've poured your coffee.

An accurate depiction of most of our lives. Get it here for $11.99.

2. This umbrella that has little rain drop designs that change into rainbow colors when it's raining.

Get it here for $20.95.

3. These color changing shirts that react to your body heat.

Find the pink one here and the green and yellow one here, each for $19.95.

4. This color changing nail polish that comes in a ton of different color combos.

Find it here.

5. These panda mugs that start out dark brown and turn white when hot liquid is added.

This is the cutest cup of tea that I ever did see! Find it here for $20.

6. These spoons that are the best for eating ice cream.

Get a pack of 50 here for $5.99.

7. Or these color-changing bowls that are amazing for any cold foods.

Cereal and milk every day forever. Get a pack of 10 here for $11.99.

8. This 6x6 color changing liquid crystal sheet.

You can use it for DIY projects like making cards, collages, coasters, covering your journal or planner, or just keep it around for fun! Get it here for $10.95.

9. These tiles by Moving Color that change based on the temperature.

They offer many different types of tiles and surface materials (like a color changing substance painted onto a guitar), and they even create mosaic color changing artwork that can be inset right into your wall. Check out their website here.

10. This "Jesus Shaves" mug that changes when you pour hot liquid inside.

Get it here for $18.79.

11. This shower head that changes colors based on the temperature it senses.

Get it here for $12.99.

12. This awesome Marauder's Map mug that starts out completely black.

Get it here for $17.

13. This thermochromatic pigment that can be added to paint, glue or resin for a seriously cool DIY project.

You can get it in a ton of color options. Read the comments on the product page for some awesome ideas like homemade play dough and t-shirt dying!

Get it here for $17.95 to $19.95.

14. These color changing pony beads that kids will love to play with.

They start out white and when you go into the sun, they change colors! Get a pack of 1000 for $11.99.

15. These insanely cool star wars mugs that change when you pour hot water or coffee in them.

Both are $14.99 each. Get Yoda here and Darth Vader here.

16. These sunglasses that change color in the sun.

Get them here for $9.95.

17. This thermochromatic duct tape that you can cover pretty much anything with.

Wrap it around a can and plant a little succulent inside! keep it near a window so that the sun will change the color of the tape.

Get it here for $5.95.

18. This lipstick that changes colors on contact with your lips.

Pretty much all of them turn into some shade of berry, including the green and the blue ones. Click here to see exactly what each color looks like once it hits your lips, and purchase for $4.00 each.

19. This heat sensitive putty that comes in a bunch of color combinations.

Get it here for $14.99.

20. These coasters that just look black until koi fish appear when you set a hot mug down.

Get a pack of two coasters and two of the mugs shown here for $50.00.

21. These sterling silver mood rings that are a serious upgrade from the kind you wore in third grade.

Get them here for $47+ depending on the size and finish.

22. This creepy AF "Walking Dead" mug that starts out black and then reveals this terrifying nightmare situation.

Get it here for $6.45.

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