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48 Inexpensive Pieces Of Decor That Will Make Your Home Look Fancy

Everything is under $40, but no one else has to know that!

1. These stunning woven pillow covers.

They are both from West Elm. Get the square one for $34 and the rectangular one for $29.

2. This perfect white accent vase.

3. This metallic gold tray that's not just for serving food.

4. This beachy pitcher shaped like a fish.

5. These snuggly jacquard throws.

6. These intricate candle holders.

7. This agate slice on a stand that would make a gorgeous paperweight or shelf decoration.

8. These adorable elephant and unicorn ring holders.

Get the unicorn for $10 and the elephant for $9, both from Lulu & Georgia.

9. This intriguing agate print.

10. This stylish round mirror.

Get it from H&M Home for $34.99.

11. This adorable little decorative brass bicycle.

12. This cozy tasseled throw.

Get it from Target for $24.99.

13. This table lamp with an elegant wood base.

14. This gorgeous woven basket (it also comes in a graywash color).

15. These lovely curtain hooks.

They are each $25 for a set of two from Urban Outfitters. Find the feather here and the branch here.

16. This moody navy jungle print.

17. These geometric handle or knob replacements.

18. This eye-catching decorative tray.

19. These slate bathroom accessories.

20. This patterned vase.

21. This sleek copper magazine rack that can be wall mounted or placed on a table.

22. This bold upright candle holder.

Get it from H&M Home for $12.99.

23. This perfectly patterned zig-zag bath mat.

24. These beautiful lumbar pillows.

25. These minimalist floating shelves.

Get them from All Modern starting at $34.99 each.

26. This intricate hand woven wool rug.

27. These rustic hanging picture frames.

28. This regal crown catch-all.

29. These beautiful black and white jewelry boxes.

30. This metal bookend/reading lamp hybrid.

31. This jacquard knit throw.

32. These perforated navy, teal, and white candle holders.

33. This minimalist blue-striped rug.

34. This vibrant blue decorative bowl.

35. These lovely woven wall hangings.

Get the white and gray one here for $32.83 and the yellow and white one, also for $32.83. Both are from Nordstrom.

36. This rustic arrow hook unit that is both functional and decorative.

37. This dark floral print.

38. These cutout gold votive holders.

39. This geometric copper orb.

40. This brightly patterned table runner.

Get it from H&M Home for $12.99. You can also find a pillow cover made from the same pattern here.

41. Or this minimalist wall-mounted planter.

42. This functional and decorative wall hook.

43. This rustic caged pendant light.

Get them from Wayfair for $32.99 each.

44. These stunning agate bookends.

45. This vibrant blue succulent planter.

46. This citrusy utensil holder.

47. These delicate birthstone wishing balls that double as decor and a personal weekly meditation tool.

48. This abstract cursive candle holder.