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17 Cat Themed Beauty Products You Can't Live Without

Get them right meow!

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This cat-ear headband to wear when you're doing your makeup or washing your face.

It also comes in light pink, red, white, black, navy, and magenta!

Get it for $6.88

2. This adorable blush by Holika Holika.

Hello, kitty!

Get it for $28.00.

3. This compact blush and eyeshadow case with cute collaged kittens strewn about.

You'll have to buy the blush and eyeshadow separately, but you can get the compact for $12.00.

4. This incredible kitty makeup collection plus a carrying bag.

The set includes: 5 eyeshadow sheets, creamy cheek color, eyeliner, lip balm, and a zip top makeup bag.

Get it for $60.00

5. This precious kitten compact that comes with a sheer powder from the beloved Korean brand Tony Moly.

Get it for $7.50

6. This mask that makes you look like an angry cat.

Get it for $3.50

7. Or this one that makes you look like a ghost cat.

Get a pack of 5 for $11.30.

8. These purrrfect little on-the-go makeup pouches.

Get the pink one for $18.00, the blue one for $17.00, and the grey one for $18.00.

9. This kit of non-toxic, small batch cat-themed body care products.

Get the set for $78.00

10. These perfect little Hello Kitty pore brushes that will help clear up your skin.

The black one is $23.80 and the white one is $24.90

11. This cat shaped waterproof mascara for your eye-whiskers.

Get it for $6.99

12. These snuggly cosmetic bags that can double as a clutch to carry your essentials.

Get them for $3.60 in black, navy, purple or pink.

13. These Tony Moly cat lip glosses that are basically too cute to use.

Get them for $6.99 each.

14. This kitty-shaped palette that allows you to mix and blend your products on a clean surface instead of the back of your hand.

Get it for $25.00.

15. These insanely precious cat tweezers for grooming yourself.

Get them for $11.48.

16. These matching perfumes by Katy Perry that look like really glam alien kittens.

Get the pink bottle for $9.29 and the blue and purple bottle here for $9.25.

17. This captivating travel makeup bag that will hold your most precious beauty products.

Get it for $9.95.

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