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24 Adorable Products For Anyone Who Loves Hedgehogs

These little hedgehogs are looking ~sharp!~

Andrew Richard/BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This insanely cute pin cushion that just wants you to enjoy your craft time.

Get this and many differently colored hedgehog pin cushions from greenchildcreations on Etsy for $19.

2. These cozy hedgehog mittens that are basically just made to cuddle with your hands.

Get them here for $5.68.

3. This little toothpick holder that is both charming and functional. But mostly charming!

Find it here for $28.

4. This loving card that will brighten anyone's day.

Find it here for $3.63.

5. This ceramic pencil holder that will keep your writing utensils safe.

Find them here for $19.

6. This stamp that you can use to decorate paper goods.

Find it here for $6.

7. This holder that gives your toothbrush a place to rest in the shower when you're not using it.

Find it here for $4.35.

8. This supremely sweet pin that will perfectly adorn any jacket or tote bag.

Find it here for $10.

9. Speaking of tote bags...this minimalist hedgehog bag that will help you carry your things around with ease.

Find it here for $18.

10. This sweatshirt that you'll want to wear every day to show your love and pride for the greatest animal ever.

It's made of fleece and mohair so you know it's gonna be insanely soft! Find it here for $81.

11. This cheerful little miniature hedgehog print that will make your heart grow three sizes.

It's just 2½ x 3½ inches! Find it here for $5.

12. This climbing hedgehog ring that is the perfect accessory for any critter-lover.

Find it here for $79.

13. These reusable dryer balls that will actually help your laundry to fluff up and dry faster.

Find a set of two here for $6.99.

14. These über-cool and colorful clocks that will add a pop of color to your wall.

Find them here for $52 each.

15. This snuggly plush pillow that is just so huggable!

Find it here for $32.

16. These hedgehogs disguised as cacti that will protect whatever you put in this pouch.

Find it here for $10.

17. This clever grater that will actually encourage you to make dinner long as there's cheese involved.

Find it here for $14.19.

18. These delicate, tiny hedgehog necklaces that will bring you strength when you need it most.

Find them here for $18.

19. This hedgehog family mobile that is the perfect decor for a nursery.

Find it here for $37.50.

20. This calendar of adorable hedgehogs that will help you remember all of your appointments.

Find it here for $14.99.

21. These tiny little hedgehog LED lamps that will light up your life.

Find them here for $2.53 each.

22. This laundry hamper that will hold your dirty clothes but won't make you feel bad about your smelly socks.

Get it here for $49.99.

23. These hedgehogs that just really want to help out in the kitchen!

Find it here for $12.99.

24. And finally, this little dude that will welcome you home every day.

Find it here for $49.95.

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