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22 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wishlist

An indoor/outdoor hammock chair and a block of salt you can actually cook on top of? Yup... it's officially summer!

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Psst! Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often. Here are 22 of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

1. A set of ring molds that allow you to cook a perfectly round egg for your breakfast sandwich.

"These silicone egg rings are so cool! You can cook your eggs sunny side up or you can make mini omelettes in them. They are also great for making pancakes!" —Wilhelmina Zeitgeist

Price: $9.99 for a four pack

2. Some beard balm to keep your facial hair properly conditioned.

"I got this beard balm for my brother because I was tried of seeing his dried out beard. This balm worked for him. His beard no longer looks like something to wash your pots with but is now soft and silky." —Inira

Price: $16.88

3. A Himalayan pink salt slab that you can actually heat up and cook on top of while also seasoning your food.

"Really great for cooking steaks, shrimp, or even kabobs on the grill. Nice flavor and healthier than table salt. Highly recommended. Makes a unique gift for any grill enthusiast." —Janie

Price: $33.45

4. A pair of Back to the Future Air Mag shoes signed by Michael J. Fox aka Marty McFly.

No reviews, probably because the number of people who are still obsessed with Back to the Future and who also have enough money to buy these likely equals zero.

Price: $749.99

5. A shirt that truly expresses how you feel about designer labels.

"I really liked this shirt. The design is clever, and the print was great. The sizing is also perfect. I would not recommend putting this in the dryer. Hang dry only, people." —PaulaMcLennon

Price: $5.26

6. A mega comfy Calvin Klein weekend bra that might become your new favorite.

"I got this to wear around the house and on the weekends. It's perfect! Didn't expect it to be so soft and stretchy. Definitely not a sports bra, but perfect for what I was looking for." —Coyote

Price: $15.98 to $39.76

7. A thermal imaging device that allows you to scan for things like dangerous heat levels and burst pipes, but also to just take really cool pictures and videos.

"This is an awesome tool for trouble shooting almost every thing. I love it. I located the clog in my sewer lines. Poured boiling water down the drain and looked for the transition between hot and cold and where the clog was." —Scott

Price: $242.99

8. A solid perfume stick that looks like a bunny but smells like an angel.

"It smells amazing, like fresh peaches and oranges. This little perfume stick goes with me everywhere! It has more of an adult fruity scent." —Chelsea

Price: $8.30

9. A set of makeup brushes that comes with a cute little holder/carrying case.

"These brushes are the best I've ever used. They're very soft, and they contour beautifully. They look great sitting in the chic container too. Highly recommended for people wanting to upgrade their old brushes!" —Holly

Price: $19.95

10. A friendly whale waterfall that you can use to wash your hair in the bathtub because adulting is stupid.

"My kids and I both love it. Helps keep water out of their eyes really well. I've tried two other brands, and this one is my favorite!" —Laura

Price: $9.99

11. A four-compartment trunk organizer that has insulation for your groceries and also folds up into a little portable pouch.

"Great organizer for my SUV. I love the fact that the two end sections are insulated. Most of my groceries fit in the bins, and I don't have to rush home in the summer heat." —Sacgirl2

Price: $22.99

12. A tie-dye kit with 14 colors that would make for the greatest weekend craft day ever.

"LOVED IT. The instructions were easy to follow and the shirts turned out better than expected." —Kiza Books

Price: $25.69

13. A pen set that any aspiring calligrapher would love to have.

"An excellent set for the beginner or intermediate calligrapher. Pieces are of a good quality and cover all the bases at a reasonable price." —Ron V.

Price: $15.99

14. A pair of Chacos that will last you pretty much a whole lifetime worth of adventuring (plus they come in a ton of colors).

"I received my item yesterday and haven't taken them off since because they're so comfortable! I needed a good pair of activewear sandles and everyone recommend these!" —Courtney

Price: Starting at $64.43

15. A little fetch machine that automatically launches balls for your dog to retrieve and drop back in.

This is the smaller-sized one which uses special mini tennis balls, perfect for petite dogs.

"My minpin goes crazy for this thing! It took about a weekend to get her to drop the ball in herself but now I have to unplug it to stop her from exhausting herself. She has a lot of fun, and the three different launch settings are good for indoor/outdoor play." —Natalie Roble

Price: $115

16. A fire pit that also doubles as an outdoor table for backyard entertaining.

Customer image / Via

"Was surprised at how sturdy this product was after assembly. It's fairly heavy so I recommend building near the location you want it, but I finished in under an hour by myself. Hooked up my propane tank and it lit right up and stayed lit without any issues." —Amazon Customer

Price: $222.22

17. A super-comfy outdoor (or indoor) hammock chair that you will want to stay cocooned inside of forever.

"I love this chair! I wanted somewhere comfy to relax outside and read a book and this is perfect. I was afraid i wouldn't find it comfortable because I have some back issues but it doesn't bother me sitting in this hammock chair." —Macaby

Price: $42.99

18. A playful kitty cat tape dispenser that will keep you company at your dest.

"This cute kitty is made well and it's an absolute must for a cat lover's desk!!! Look at that pose. Add it to your cart, what are you waiting for!?!? 😻" —Heidi Campbell

Price: $10.51

19. A set of cutting mats that have little icons on them to keep you from accidentally prepping raw meat on a veggie board.

Just be careful about putting them through the dishwasher since they're pretty thin.

"These handy little cutting mats are convenient and fit anywhere in my tiny apartment kitchen." —SusanDC

Price: $7.32

20. A set of glow-in-the-dark wall stickers that will make you feel like you're sleeping among the stars.

"You will want to stay awake and capture your bedroom from every angle after you put these up. It looks so magical and wonderful." —Tim

Price: $14.90

21. A mini culinary torch so you can make homemade creme brûlée.

"Amazing quality and I love how comfortable it is to handle. It's small but works like a monster. Very easy to add butane to torch as well. Easy to use, direction is easy to follow. I can't wait to use this torch on not only creme brûlée but for caramelizing sugar, meringues, melting cheese, crisping meats, skinning tomatoes and peppers and charring vegetables." —Sal

Price: $26.99

22. A pack of adorable and low-maintenance Marimo moss balls that can live in vases, fish tanks, or with other plants to add a little playful flare to your indoor home garden.

"These little balls are so stinking cute! I ordered them for my husband's desk at work but when they arrived I had to keep them for myself!" —Anna Ray

Price: $8.95

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