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Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising up in the ranking. This week: chill pads for your pets and disco light karaoke machines!

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of products called β€œMovers and Shakers,” which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

This week people are desperate to keep themselves (and their animal friends) cool by pretty much any means necessary.

1. A rocket ship model set and a launcher that can actually send it flying up to 1,200 feet ($23.05).

Just make sure you launch it in a field or large backyard.

Most promising review: "This was a great rocket set for a first-timer. Easy-to-follow instructions, and everything you need is included (except glue, rubber cement, masking tape)." β€”Rachelle

Get it here.

2. A pack of inflatable ice cream cones that look good enough to lick ($6.61).

Most promising review: "I used these for my daughter's Candyland birthday party and they were a big hit! They are huge, brightly colored, and sturdy. Kids of all ages played with them in the pool and they were never damaged." β€”EmbracingHomemaking

Get it here.

3. A beach umbrella that will create a shady spot for you to lie in the sand ($69.99).

Most promising review: "This sport-brella beats any cabana at the beach. It is easier to set up than any tent. The windows are perfect for letting in more air and allowing an escape for the wind. This thing creates a lot of shade. You can fit two big beach chairs under the umbrella and still have room for gear / kids / another smaller chair." β€”Brian P. Cooper

Get it here.

4. A cooling pad for your pet so they don't overheat this summer ($27.64 for a size large).

Most promising review: "My golden retriever LOVES it! He instantly laid on it and hasn't moved since! If he could write this review he would probably say 'It's better than a spoonful of peanut butter!!!'" β€”Kate

Get it here.

5. Rolls of adhesive chalkboard paper that can be cut into any shape you want ($24.99 for two).

Cover part of your fridge for the ultimate grocery list, make a calendar, or just cover a whole door and write passive-aggressive notes and little love letters to your roommates.

Most promising review: "These are awesome. I love that they can be cut into different shapes and can be removed and reapplied elsewhere. The chalk wipes off easily with a moist cloth and these just really add character to my kitchen!" β€”Jason McDuffy

Get it here.

6. A disco karaoke machine that will turn any party into a '90s rager ($50).

It hooks up to your TV and only takes CD-G discs, which are especially meant for karaoke (so you have to be really committed to this situation). You can also get a special cord to connect it to your phone so you can play songs that way, but it won't have the word display.

Most promising review: "The BEST, easiest, and coolest little karaoke system ever! Now we have full-on adult and kid karaoke parties in rotation with all our family and friends! It comes to picnics, camping and's the best!" β€”Debbie

Get it here.

7. A pair of Bluetooth-enabled Marshall Major II headphones that give off a slick vintage vibe ($99).

Most promising review: "Ignoring people while enjoying music has gotten that much better. I've owned the original Marshall Majors, and these deliver the same quality of sound, if not better. These are definitely way more comfy. I love love love these headphones and wish I had gotten them sooner." β€”Amazon Customer

Get it here.

8. A snow cone machine that'll help you cool down when the summer heat gets unbearable ($36.99).

Most promising review: "This snow cone machine is the best out there. I use it every day, multiple times a day! It grinds large amounts of ice in minutes." β€”Kimberlee

Get it here.

9. A cherry pitter that goes through six cherries at one time ($9.43).

Most promising review: "I used to pit cherries one at a time by hand and ended up making a mess and having red fingers. This tool is great and doesn't take any effort." β€”Sirius Reviewer

Get it here.

10. A clever grocery bag contraption that makes it easy to transfer groceries from the store to your car and into your house ($7.49).

Customer Image / Via

Most promising review: "I love these bags! I just hook them to my cart and don't even have to use produce bags I just throw all my groceries in them. It makes check out a breeze and they make unloading so quick. These bags stay upright in the trunk and nothing falls out." β€”Amanda Pacenza

Get it here.

11. A set of reusable produce bags that will significantly reduce the amount of plastic you use at the grocery store ($9.97).

Most promising review: "These are awesome and durable! I feel good using them at the store and hope that other people take notice and are influenced to reduce waste." β€”Amazon Customer

Get it here.

12. A "chilly pad" cooling towel that you can carry around when it's disgustingly hot outside ($11.89).

All you have to do is wet it and it stays cool to the touch.

Most promising review: "My boyfriend plays disc golf and is always outside! I bought him this last year and he loves it! It's durable and helps him stay cool." β€”Jenna

Get it here.

13. A set of Plant Nannies that will turn a wine bottle into a self-regulating tool to keep your plants hydrated ($19.90).

Most promising review: "I use these with wine bottles in all my outside pots. No more having to worry about remembering to water them every day! I also put one in my six-foot indoor ficus that seems to get forgotten. Really works and looks cute too!" β€”Debb

Get it here.

14. A portable laundry drying rack for when you forgot to do laundry but really have to go to the gym tomorrow, or for when you're traveling ($84.95).

Most promising review: "Wow. This product. So wow. i highly recommend this because I hate drying my bras and underwear separate from my clothes and this is just what I needed. And it's also portable (so bonus points for that)!" β€”Diana

Get it here.

15. A pool float that looks like a pretzel so you won't get it twisted while you're floating around ($18.99).

Most promising review: "Got this for my pool party and it was a huge hit! Lots of people used it throughout the day and we got pretty rough with it. It held up nicely and I continue to use it for lounging." β€”Miles Gilbert

Get it here.

16. A portable, rechargeable fan that you can keep in your purse, on your desk, or pretty much anywhere you go ($15.99).

Most promising review: "Great little fan for my desktop! It's small and doesn't take much space, and is easily recharged with the included cable. It uses a 18650 battery, which is replaceable. It's so easy to just pick up and take anywhere you want, and doesn't even need to plug in! I love it!" β€”T. M.

Get it here.

17. A bag of chips that are full of protein so you have a perfect excuse to eat as much as you want ($16.14).

OK, obviously these aren't going to be the same as normal chips, considering that they are literally made with protein powder, but they're a pretty good alternative.

Most promising review: "If you eat these knowing they are definitely NOT going to taste like regular potato chips, you will be pleasantly surprised. I get sick of eating protein bars so it's nice to have a high protein/healthier replacement that is salty/crunchy." β€”Gabrielle

Get it here.

18. A wireless security camera that rotates and transmits a video to your smartphone β€” and also happens to be a Bluetooth speaker ($149.50).

It comes with two little sensors that you can put on doors and windows, and if any of them open, the camera will automatically pan toward it. You can also use it as a phone speaker to talk to people in the room when you're gone.

Most promising review: "This has made life so much less stressful. I get updates of activity, can watch clips of motion, can talk to people in the room even when I'm away from home, and can scan the room any time I need to." β€”Melissa

Get it here.

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