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39 Accessories That Look Exactly Like Your Favorite Food

Like tiny little sushi miracles.

Take this quiz to find out which one you should buy!

1. This fried chicken charm:

2. This super sweet Pop-Tart charm:

3. This ramen noodles necklace:

4. This delicious nacho necklace:

5. These peanut butter and jelly charms:

6. These bagel earrings:

7. These scented chocolate chip cookie earrings:

8. These burrito charms:

9. This gold plated peanut necklace:

10. This cheesy pizza necklace:

11. This banana bunch necklace:

12. This amazing taco ring:

13. These scented cinnamon roll earrings:

14. These chocolatey brownie charms:

15. This s'mores charm:

16. This scented cupcake ring:

17. This ~super French~ croissant charm:

18. This gooey grilled cheese necklace:

19. This juicy steak:

20. This pretzel necklace:

21. This sushi necklace:

22. These *super cheesy* charms:

23. These sprinkle donut earrings:

24. These french fry accessories:

Find the gold fries here and the earrings here.

25. This fish and chips necklace:

26. This spaghetti and meatballs necklace:

27. These buttery waffle earrings:

28. These eggplant earrings:

29. This poutine necklace:

30. These scented banana cream pie earrings:

31. This barbecue ribs charm:

32. These cheese burger earrings:

33. This banana split necklace:

34. This avocado necklace:

35. This dumpling charm:

36. These pumpkin pie earrings:

37. This fried egg necklace:

38. This confetti cake charm:

39. And of course, these bacon earrings:

Find the post ones here and the dangling ones here.