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21 Stores You'll Love If You Are Addicted To Urban Outfitters

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Ruche

If you love Urban for its quirky pieces and chic trendy look, Ruche will be your new favorite store. Their aesthetic is somewhere in-between Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie — but at actually affordable prices. If you sign up for an account, you'll get 30% off your first order and you'll have access to discounted "membership" prices.

Shipping: Shipping is free on orders over $75 and standard shipping is $6.95 on orders under $35.

Pricing: With an account, items range from $9 to $192.

2. Luv Minimal

If you love Urban's jewelry, you'll love this shop's minimalist yet trendy aesthetic.

Shipping: Standard shipping is $5.72.

Pricing: Items range from $27 to $135.

3. ThreadSence

If you love Urban's grungy yet trendy aesthetic, ThreadSence has a huge selection of really eclectic, edgy clothes and shoes. They carry quite a few brands and they have an awesome shoe selection.

Shipping: Free shipping for items over $75 and standard shipping of $6.95 for orders under $75.

Pricing: Items range from $9 to $350

4. Wildfox

Wildfox is basically a store made up entirely of the type of experimental and novelty clothes that Urban is really well known for. It's fun and playful and a little weird!

Shipping: Free shipping for orders over $100 and $9.95 standard shipping for orders under $100.

Pricing: Items range from $28 to $210

5. Society 6

If you love Urban's artwork and home wares, you'll love this website. Society 6 puts basically any piece of art onto any piece of fabric, so you can buy amazing tapestries, pillows, shower curtains, sheets, blankets and duvets.

Shipping: FREE!

Pricing: Depending on the size you order, tapestries run from $39 to $79. Prices vary by type of item (and there are tons).

6. Need Supply Co.

If you love Urban's more minimalist, sophisticated pieces, Need Supply Co. will be your new favorite. They carry mostly neutral colors and all of their pieces have a sort of Urban-meets-Madewell feel to them. They carry a lot of familiar brands like Cheap Monday denim and Vans shoes, but they also have some more expensive designer options.

Shipping: Free 2-day shipping on orders over $75. Standard shipping or orders under $75 is $7.95.

Pricing: Items range from $6 to $1,035.

7. Arnhem

If you love Urban's flowy boho inspired looks, you'll love this site. Arnhem is a clothing store out of Byron Bay, Australia that specializes in flowy, brightly patterned fabric. They make amazing dresses and kimonos as well as an edgy collection of basics. All of their prices are in AUD so you'll have to convert pricing yourself.

Shipping: Orders over $250 AUD (which is about $180 USD) ship for free to the U.S. and orders over $150 AUD ship free in Australia. Anything under $150 AUD requires a flat rate shipping cost of $20 to the U.S.

Pricing: Items range from $30 to $250 in AUD which is about $36 to $180 USD

8. Spool No. 72

If you're into Urban's hyper-patterned, flirty pieces, Spool No. 72 has a small but mighty collection of gorgeously patterned clothes at insanely affordable prices. They make everything from denim to dresses to shoes.

Shipping: Free shipping for U.S. orders $150. All other US orders ship for a flat rate of $8.95, and all orders ship within 24 hours.

Pricing: Items range from $12 to $82.

9. Baggu

You may recognize this brand if you're a true Urban addict. There are a few Baggu items that are sold at Urban, but they have a much bigger selection on their own website. If you love Urban's collection of patterned bags and backpacks, you'll love Baggu even more.

Shipping: FREE!

Pricing: Items range from $5 to $240.

10. Reformation

If you're attracted to Urban's sultry and sexy look, you'll love Reformation's clothing. They have a great selection of floral patterns, and a ton of '90s silhouettes. The best part is that all of their clothes are made in a way that has the least possible environmental impact.

Shipping: FREE!

Pricing: Items range from $28 to $498

11. Tobi



Tobi has a ton of similar styles to Urban Outfitters, from slouchy cardigans and sweaters to boho and cutout dresses. Most of Tobi's items are cheaper than their urban equivalent. Tobi also offers 50% off of your first order and pretty much always has a major discount on new arrivals.

Shipping: Free shipping over $50 and free returns. Standard shipping fee is $5 for orders under $50.

Pricing: Items range from $2 to $250

12. Dark Marquee Designs

If you love Urban's shelving units and geometric shapes, you'll love this shop. All the shelves are handmade, and they're absolutely gorgeous.

Shipping: Free!

Pricing: Items range from $30 to $90.

13. ASOS

14. Boohoo

If you like Urban's more forwardly trendy stuff, you'll definitely like Boohoo. They are definitely trend-heavy with less of an emphasis on basic pieces, and if you have a keen eye, you'll find some amazing Urban Outfitters look-a-like pieces.

Shipping: Free shipping in the U.S. for orders over $30 with code US30 and $4.99 flat rate shipping for orders under $30.

Pricing: Items range from $2 to $126.

15. Dorothy Perkins

If you like Urban for its in-house brands like BDG and Silence + Noise, you'll love this store. Dorothy Perkins has mostly classic items with a few trendy pieces, as well as a great denim selection and a ton of cheap basics.

Shipping: International shipping starts at $10, but shipping is free for orders of $50 or more with code DPDEL50.

Pricing: Items range from $4 to $240.

16. Peach & Lily

If you love Urban's skincare and beauty products, you'll love this website. Specializing in Korean skincare technology, Peach & Lily brings together the best skincare products at a wide range of prices.

Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $50 and a standard-shipping fee of $6.95 for orders totaling under $50.

Pricing: Items range from $3 to $250

17. Topshop

Like Urban, Topshop has a mix of pretty much everything from eclectic to basic to edgy clothes, shoes and bags. If you like the more experimental stuff Urban puts out, you'll love Topshop. They also have a beauty section that definitely rivals Urban's.

Shipping: FREE!

Pricing: Items range from $4 to $1,800 for some designer items.

18. Mango

If you like Urban's slouchy basics, trendy silhouettes and more masculine shapes, Mango is your best bet. It's is a totally underrated place to shop for basically anything you could otherwise find at Urban.

Shipping: Free delivery for orders over $50. Standard shipping fee is $5.95 for orders under $50.

Pricing: Items range from $4.50 to $580.

19. Nasty Gal

If you like Urban's lingerie and bralettes, you'll love Nasty Gal. They also have a wide range of clothing style that are similar to Urban's.

Shipping: Free shipping for orders over $70 and standard shipping of $5 for orders under $70.

Pricing: Items range from $10 to $1,259

20. Nylon

Nylon is sort of like Urban's drunk little sister. It's a little more punk, a little edgier, and has a bit of a temperament. If you like Urban's weirder, darker pieces, you'll love Nylon. They also have an awesome beauty section that's a lot like Urban's.

Shipping: FREE!

Pricing: Items range from $5 to $592

21. Anthropologie