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18 Gifts That Will Definitely Make Your Cat Love You More

"I loved you then as I love you meow."

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This *DJ Kitty Cat* turn table scratch toy for $28.99.

2. This BAG O' DICKS for your cat who is also a misandrist ($32.00).

3. This hamburger bed for $15.20.

4. This stylish kitty tent for $32.00.

5. For the stoner cat, these catnip joints for $6.00.

6. This toilet training kit for $29.99.

7. This cat hammock for $28.00.

Your cat will be like "ILYSM" when you give it this secret little chill spot! Find it here.

8. These freeze-dried chicken treats for $5.19.

9. These kitty breath mints for $2.49.

10. This snuggly shark's mouth cave for $10.10.

11. This "Peek-a-Prize" toy box for $24.99.

12. A Sleepypod Warmer Pad for $59.99.

13. A U-pet carrier starting at $129.00.

Help your cat live out its astronaut dreams! These will be available again in March after selling out due to high demand. Find more information here.

14. These custom raceways for $76.00.

These fabric raceways are designed so that you can set them up basically however you want. They hold up to 62 lbs so you can have more than one cat hanging out on them. You can also choose from a variety of fabric colors and wood finishes. Find them here.

15. This mini-mansion with built in scratching post and cave for $79.99.

16. A stuffed clone of itself for a cool $249.

This might terrify your cat and your bank account but at least it will be there for you to cuddle with when your actual cat is being a jerk. You can order them here.

17. If you are Bill Gates, this $900 kitty cave/side table.

18. And lastly, tickets to see Cats the musical!

Your cat will *finally* get to see itself represented positively on stage. Such an emotional and fulfilling experience.

Sign up here if you and your cat want to be in-the-know when they announce ticket sales for the upcoming Broadway revival!