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    10 Cheap DIY Design Hacks That Look Expensive

    Trick people into thinking you are a fancy adult even though you probably ate a Hot Pocket for lunch.

    1. Make a Bar Tray Instead of Buying a Cart

    The Kitchn / Via

    Bar carts are all the rage right now- but they can be super expensive and take up unnecessary space. Try using a lacquer or mirrored tray to display your fanciest bottles and glasses.

    2. Enhance Pretty Much Anything with Copper Leaf

    One Kings Lane / Via

    Just like gold leaf, you can cover pretty much anything with copper leaf. To learn how, check out this tutorial.

    3. Use Gold Spray Paint to Transform Furniture or Accent Pieces

    Oh My Dear Blog / Via

    Gold spray paint is the miracle drug of interior design.

    4. Use Stacks of Books to Add Height and Color

    One Kings Lane / Via

    Color coordinate your books or use them to display accent pieces- stacks of books are one of the most versatile (and cheap) hacks ever.

    5. Build Height with Plants

    jt design blog / Via

    Plants are a cheap and easy way to bring nature into your space. Tall plants like Sansavieria help to create height in a room (I have one on my nightstand) and they can help to complete an otherwise bare space.

    6. Use Picture Ledges to Display Artwork

    One Kings Lane / Via

    This trick is especially great because it helps to create texture and depth. Combine this with hacks number two or three and you'll get a gorgeous metallic accent shelf without selling your soul to the devil!

    7. Drape Chairs with Sheepskin

    Kristin Sjaarda / Via

    Sheepskin is popping up everywhere, and while they are usually really expensive, Ikea sells real sheepskins for $30. You can even get faux versions for cheaper, if you know your friends will be judgey about it.

    8. Hang Your Curtain Rods Closer to the Ceiling

    One Kings Lane / Via

    This is a super easy hack that will make your room feel taller and more elegant. If you already have curtain rods, it won't cost you anything to adjust their location on the wall. Just make sure your curtains are still long enough.

    9. Fill Your Non-Working Fireplace with Wood

    Britt + Co. / Via

    Candles would be the obvious choice. Shake things up by filling the empty space with firewood instead!

    10. Customize Your Drawer Knobs

    Anthropoligie / Via

    This is a totally underrated hack for making your furniture look fancy AF. You can mix and match or go super bold and you still won't have to worry about overpowering anything.

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