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10 Easy And Adorable DIY Manicures

Don't worry, you can definitely handle these. Submit your nail art with the hashtag #iHeartNailArt for a chance to win $500 and a trip to NYC!

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1. An interesting take on plaid:

Courtesy of Bridget Read

The key to this is that the lines don't need to be perfect! A slightly blurred plaid looks very cool, and extra points for metallics. Just lay a base coat on and start criss-crossing thick and thin lines.

3. A few polka dots: / Via Courtesy of Amber Butcher

These off-to-the-side polka dots are clean and incredibly easy!

4. Some lovely jewels:

Courtesy of Bridget Read

All you need is a coat of your favorite nail polish, a pair of tweezers, and some jewels from your local craft store. No need to even create shapes — mosaics are beautiful as is!

5. Some tiny stripes:

Courtesy of Jackie Lee

All you need to do is apply a base coat and lightly brush each nail with a thin accent color. Again, no need to worry about the lines being perfect — these ones aren't, and they still look amazing!

8. A twist on a half moon:

Courtesy of Laura Mintz

This is an elegant way to include some nail art over your favorite base. All you have to do is paint straight across the top of your nail and paint a line that dips downwards. Beautiful!