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    27 Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

    Thanks to these tips, you'll need very little elbow grease (or cash) to make your space look luxurious.

    1. Want the look of a swanky hotel bathroom or spa? Try these stainless-steel and glass soap dispensers that look expensive but are actually quite reasonably priced. The uniform look will make your showering experience feel so fancy.

    A customer review photo of four soap dispensers in their shower.

    2. Make old furniture look new with a budget-friendly DIY project. Use this toile peel-and-stick wallpaper with a country-life theme to add new life to an old dresser or nightstand.

    3. Give your bedroom a luxurious upgrade without investing in a completely upholstered (and therefore more expensive) bed frame. This tufted headboard will give you look and the comfort without needing to spend bookoo bucks.

    Reviewer's headboard in white is shown

    4. Turn your stairs into something out of an interior design magazine with a set of removable tile decals. They come in a roll just like tape, so you slap them on your risers and — boom! — you're done.

    The stair decals are shown installed on a flight of stairs; the decals are shown in a roll

    5. Use peel-and-stick removable wallpaper to create a faux reclaimed wood accent wall for a fraction of the price of installing costly real wood. Simply cut the paper to your wall's size and stick on. It's really that easy.

    Reviewer's bedroom shows the faux wood wallpaper on the wall

    6. Antique and vintage mirrors are timeless, but unfortunately they can be really expensive. Instead of blowing your savings, try this antique-inspired mirror that's less than $20. It's super lightweight because it's plastic, so no need for heavy-duty hardware when it comes to hanging it — some folks just use tape.

    7. Consider upping your curb appeal with a beautiful autumn wreath that'll perfectly illuminate your porch as the days get darker sooner. It's pre-lit with 35 clear lights and trimmed with orange gourds, pine cones, and berry clusters.

    A reviewer's lit fall wreath

    8. Make your whole home smell like decadence by using this candle with a scent inspired by YSL's Black Opium perfume. With notes of mandarin, pear, jasmine, orange blossom, patchouli, vanilla, and coffee, this candle doesn't just look and smell good, it's also vegan and cruelty-free, and uses no paraffin wax.

    A stock photo of the Floriental Vanilla candle is shown

    9. All of the shows on Bravo and HGTV feature fridges that are expertly organized and labeled. Steal the look with some fridge organization labels that have a ton of font, size, and color options.

    10. One of the best ways to give your bathroom a major upgrade without spending a ton of money is to swap out old and tired lighting for new pieces. This three-lamp wall sconce has major farmhouse vibes, which is the most popular interior design style right now.

    Reviewer's lighting is hung above a mirror in the bathroom

    11. Want the look of an expensive bathroom but lack the funds for a complete makeover? Cover up your unsightly tub with a gorgeous shower curtain designed by Justina Blakeney, the bona fide queen of bohemian interior design.

    The shower curtain covered in a leafy pattern is shown in a bathroom

    12. Want the look of luxury without the hefty price tag? Try some dining chairs that are upholstered in PU leather — aka artificial leather. PU Leather is actually a wonderful material for dining chair upholstery as it doesn't stain nearly as easily as traditional leather and can be cleaned with way more common household products.

    Reviewer's dining chairs are around a circular glass dining table in the kitchen

    13. Use a special shelf for books that — thanks to unique hardware — literally makes it look like your books are floating on the wall. An easy and very cool way to show off your favorite pieces of literature that are sure to wow your houseguests.

    14. Add a peel-and-stick subway tile backsplash to your kitchen to create a more finished look. This is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your kitchen's aesthetic, and because they're stickers you won't lose your deposit if you're a renter.

    Reviewer's kitchen before and after installing the kitchen tiles

    15. Or if you want a peel-and-stick backsplash that has more of a wow factor, use this one that mimics Talavera Mexican tile.

    Before and after photo of the backsplash in a bathroom

    16. If you have an ugly bathroom floor, consider a vinyl mat that looks like tile. It's also antifungal, hypoallergenic, thermal insulated, and 100% recyclable.

    A person walking into their shower next to the mat

    17. Create a gallery wall with a set of eight framed pieces of art in various sizes. The themed art will create a cohesive look without being too matchy. Bonus: This kit comes with a sheet of paper that shows popular layout options, so you don't have to spend hours going "OK, so where should THIS one go?!??!?!"

    Reviewer's bedroom shows the prints above a small sofa

    18. If you have a bathroom with outdated cabinet pulls or knobs, consider swapping them out for something that's on trend yet timeless, like these black matte-steel cabinet pulls. If you rent, simply put the old ones in a shoebox or bag under the sink so you can swap them back in when it's time to move out.

    Reviewer's bathroom shows the black cabinet pulls

    19. An easy way to add luxury to your home is by incorporating a lot of wonderful houseplants into your space. If that's intimidating because you have a hard time keeping plant babies alive, try a pack of food spikes for fertilizing every type of flowering and foliage houseplant you have. Each stick provides up to two months of food for your plants, which eliminates the need to constantly fertilize and check the soil for nutrients.

    finger pushes green chalky stake into soil

    20. Don't spend big bucks on a traditional nightstand. Instead, consider this gold end table with a charcoal-gray top that's big enough for storing all your bedside essentials. The tabletop has a lip that curves upward around the edge, so if you ever spill snacks or liquids it won't make a mess on the floor.

    The circular table in a gold metallic tone holding a small flower pot, glasses, and a photo frame

    21. Install floating shelves in your bathroom to give your pretty things a place to shine. Most bathrooms just have a few towel rods, so installing these will give you plenty of opportunities to show off your fancy candles, ceramics, and hand towels.

    Brown floating shelves with white plant vases and green towels hanging below

    22. One of the easiest ways to have a fancy home is by upgrading your bedding situation with a set of buttery soft microfiber sheets. The thread count is 1,800, which means you'll feel like you're floating on a cloud every time you plop onto your bed. Even better: They're wrinkle-, moisture-, and fade-resistant.

    23. Lack of whimsical mood lighting got you down? Try this string of rechargeable fairy lights so your luminous decor ambitions can be achieved.

    Reviewer's fairy lights are placed around a fireplace

    24. Mood lighting is essential to any high-end home, and these flameless LED candles are exactly what you need to achieve that goal. Each pillar is battery operated and controlled by a remote. The "flames" flicker when they're turned on, and you can use a timer so that they turn off at a certain time.

    The led candles are all different sizes

    25. If your bedding looks like it needs its own spa day, try a seasonal quilt set adorned with all sorts of adorable woodland critters. It's reversible, so when you grow tried of looking at owls and foxes you can flip it over for a beautiful white flower pattern on a navy background.

    26. Or if you want to change up your bedding but without creating a completely new look, try a set of satin pillowcases that not only look great but are wonderful at preventing hair breakage. The ultra-silky material is nonabrasive, so it'll be soft against problematic skin, too.

    Stock photo of a bed with green satin pillows on them

    27. Use a vintage-inspired rug to create the look of an expensive antique one that'll have your friends and family going "OMG, how did you score such an impressive rug!??!" It comes in a plethora of sizes (including circular and runner), so there's a size and shape for everyone.

    The rug is shown in a living room

    You to yourself after you've made all these ~luxurious~ home upgrades: