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    28 Things To Help You Make The Most Out Of Your Garage Space

    Because sometimes the garage is the heart of the home.

    1. A heavy-duty shelving unit with a weight capacity of 350 pounds per shelf, so you'll finally have one singular place to hold all of your bulky items like small appliances or tool boxes (or, let's be honest, your latest haul from Costco).

    2. A waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker to keep the tunes playing while you build a mahogany bench from scratch or, uh, just assemble yet another piece of Ikea furniture.

    a reviewer's photo of the speaker in blue on their work bench

    3. A battery organizer to keep all your batteries neatly stored — and it comes with a removable battery tester so you can make sure a battery actually works before you jam it into your remote control.

    4. A pack of two tape measure holders that can mount to your workbench or wall. Never again will you spend hours combing through every junk drawer looking for your tape.

    5. A 64-piece drawer organizer so that every nail, screw, and anything in between has a home. Plus, the fronts are transparent so you'll never forget which drawer holds what.

    an array of tiny storage drawers filled with nuts and bolts

    6. A corner tool rack that'll hold everything from rakes and mops to hammers and brooms, and because it holds everything upright and separated, there's no risk of an entangled mess.

    7. A wall-mounted shop vac because, let's face it, garages get dirty. Whether it's seasonal problems like dead leaves or just your run-of-the-mill daily dirt buildup, this vacuum and blower will make keeping your garage clean super easy.

    8. A small shelving system to hold all your brooms and mops, PLUS it has six hooks to hold smaller items like hand shovels and dustpans.

    9. A place to store wood so you don't leave it outside in the freezing cold. Because nothing's worse than having to leave your cozy spot in a warm house to go outside to collect extra wood for the fire.

    10. Overhead storage you can attach to your garage ceiling to store all that extra stuff that you swear you need but haven't even looked at in years. (It's also a great place to store seasonal decorations.)

    11. A cabinet that hangs behind any door for extra and discreet storage. This is an excellent option if you have excess pantry items that temporarily live in the garage.

    a model showing the tall vertical cabinet behind a door

    12. A work bench and shelving unit so you'll have a nice surface and plenty of shelves to tinker on all those hobby projects you promised yourself you'd start in 2022.

    a model organizing his tools on the three tiers of the wooden workbench

    13. A hand crank extension cord winder with built-in outlets so you'll never be without power AND never trip over a tangled mess of extension cords again.

    the orange and gray extension cord winder with four outlets in the middle of it

    14. A wall-mount storage rack designed to hold up to 20 cans of spray paint. Folks use it to hold cans of lubricant, too.

    The storage rack is shown holding a few cans of WD-40

    15. A hoist to mount your bike off the ground and near the ceiling, because once winter hits you'll want it out of sight and out of mind.

    16. A sports caddy for holding all that equipment you've bought over time and omg, how did you get so much of it?! Who needs this many tennis balls! You do, of course, so store it correctly!

    black rolling organizer with three mesh compartments containing sports balls and equipment

    17. A fishing rod rack you can attach to the back of your garage door to make sure all your rods are organized and easy to find.

    a bunch of fishing rods neatly organized against a garage wall

    18. A tiered shoe rack to hold all your muddy and wet shoes so you don't track dirt into the house.

    19. A sturdy tire rack so your spare tires have a home off the ground, because a stack of dusty ones in the corner can become a great place for spiders and other creepy critters to take over.

    four ties on the sturdy metal tire rack

    20. A sleek power tool holder to mount right onto the wall. Keep all of your drills and drivers within arm's reach, instead of scattered around your garage in their respective cases.

    Six power tools are mounted to a wall

    21. Stackable recycling bins that'll help you neatly separate paper, plastics, and glass so you can properly recycle all the leftovers from your projects.

    nine of the blue recycling bins stacked up in a reviewer's garage

    22. A storage rack for your ski and snowboard equipment to ensure you won't accidentally cause an avalanche in your garage with all of those skis casually pushed up against a wall.

    23. A charcoal storage cabinet with a lock to keep valuable or dangerous tools tucked away and locked.

    24. A Wi-Fi extender you'll need to watch all those YouTube tutorials on how to build dollhouses or birdhouses or whatever other garage hobby you take on this winter.

    The router is shown plugged into an electrical outlet

    25. An absorbent mat to protect your garage's floors from nasty spills that can cause permanent damage. I'm looking at you, oil stains.

    26. A steel pegboard, so strong you won't have to worry about hearing a loud clang in the middle of the night only to discover all of your tools fell off the garage wall.

    27. An oscillating, easy-to-move Lasko tower fan to help circulate the air in your garage — especially necessary if you use it as a place to work out.

    a standing silver fan

    28. And a custom garage sign, so folks know that you mean business when they enter your garage.

    a wooden sign that says rick's workshop est 2016 with a images of tools on each end

    How your unenthused loved ones will probably feel as you show off your revamped garage: