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    26 Furniture Pieces That Reviewers Say Are Gorgeous, Stunning, Or Beautiful

    Beauty comes from within and also in the form of furniture.

    1. A pair of Louis XVI–style dining chairs for ultimate Parisian vibes. Several reviewers remarked that they "look way more expensive than they are," which is awesome because this style of chair usually goes for thousands of dollars.

    2. A faux-marble desk with sleek lines and hairpin legs that will seriously upgrade your WFH setup. Sad fact: Real marble is actually incredibly porous (aka it stains super easy), so a faux marble finish is actually way more practical since you can easily wipe off messes and spills.

    Reviewer's desk is in the corner of a living room

    3. A colorful sofa with a tufted seat that effortlessly blends a boho style with modern lines. It's 84" long — aka 7 feet — so you can actually stretch your legs all the way out and take a much-deserved nap.

    A blush pink, velvet sofa displayed in a living room with accent pillows and a throw blanket on top

    4. A splurge-worthy Frida Kahlo–inspired hand-painted chair upholstered in velvet and finished with gold. A set of these eye-catching chairs would look perfect around a dining table or sitting solo in front of your desk.

    5. A textured pouf with major Moroccan vibes for kicking your feet up in style after a long day. It's super soft and just the right height to double as extra seating when it's your turn to host movie night.

    a white floor pouf with black hand-stitched textured stripes and polka dots, sitting on a floor

    6. Or a faux-leather pouf if you want something a little more neutral. It comes flat, which reviewers say is a benefit because you can stuff it with blankets or sweaters to your desired firmness.

    Reviewer's light brown leather pouf is styled in a room.

    7. An étagère for displaying all your objets d'art. If you're a collector of beautiful things — from frames to vases to knickknacks to books — make sure your collection has a proper home where it can be shown off.

    Reviewer's display case shows off a collection of items

    8. A faux-marble coffee table that pairs two of the most popular materials in interior design right now: marble and brass. It's trendy AND timeless.

    Reviewer's picture of the marble-top round table with gold legs

    9. A dreamy vanity so you can feel as pampered at home as you do at the salon. It's perfect as-is, but A LOT of reviewers line the back of it with LED strip lights to take the glam to the next level.

    Reviewer's vanity is in a bedroom

    10. A beechwood floating bedside drawer for tiny bedrooms that are short on space. Because it mounts directly to the wall, you can store other stuff (like a basket of extra bedding or pillows) under it.

    Floating bedside drawer in bedroom

    11. A handwoven hammock that's so gorgeous you'll want to set it up in your living room, even though it works outdoors, too. It's also larger than traditional hammocks, which means you can comfortably hang out for hours on end.

    Hammock outside next to plant with pillows on top

    12. A velvet-upholstered accent chair with an ottoman that slides right underneath it when not in use. Its compact size means it's great for homes that are short on space.

    Reviewer's chair is in a corner of a room and a tiny dog is standing on it

    13. A uniquely shaped plant stand for showing off your leafy friends. If you're a fan of trailing plants like a pothos or philodendrons, the height of this plant stand will allow vine-like plants to shine.

    wooden plant stand that curves up and has a hanging vessel to put to put a plant in at the tip of the top

    14. Foldable handcrafted lawn chairs that are an Art Nouveau take on the popular outdoor Adirondack chair. Grab the hot cocoa, because these babies will be perfect for stargazing.

    15. A velvet statement chair to upgrade your WFH setup. Is it an office chair? Sure! Is it a chair for your morning beauty routine? Absolutely! It's that versatile.

    Reviewer's pink velvet chair for their desk

    16. A live-edge wood coffee or side table that'll soften up any room with its organic shape. So much furniture is rectangular, which can actually be really visually overwhelming if there's too much of it in one area. This table's organic form will break up those hard angles.

    Reviewer's coffee table in a living room

    17. A cocoon chair with a cushion if you want to make a wow statement. Interior designers agree, big pieces of furniture like sofas should be neutral, whereas accent chairs are where you should have some fun. This chair SCREAMS fun.

    The cocoon chair made out of wood with a curved back design and a cushion and pillow inside

    18. A three-drawer dresser that's the best size to also work as a nightstand. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, try using something like this to double as storage but still function as a nightstand.

    The dresser with geometrically textured white drawers next to a bed

    19. A metal-and-wood wall-mounted ladder bookcase because your amazing collections of books, photos, candles, and succulents deserve a gorgeous display case that doesn't cost a fortune.

    Two of the ladder shelves in brown and black are next to each other

    20. A Novogratz metal bed frame that melds the popular farmhouse interior design style with industrial chicness.

    A metal bed frame in dark grey with round finial posts on the headboard and foot board in a bedroom

    21. A six-tier plant stand for showing off your glorious plant collection. Bamboo is actually a grass, not a wood, and it's super water resistant. If you spill a little while you're watering it won't damage the stand.

    Reviewer's photo of 6-tier bamboo plant stand with plants on top

    22. A Novogratz sofa upholstered in linen that folds down into a bed. Hosting houseguests is wonderful but sleeping on a couch is not, so get yourself a futon that does both so you can be the host with the most.

    reviewer photo of a pink Novogratz futon

    23. A tufted headboard to add a soft touch to your bedroom without investing in a completely upholstered (and therefore more expensive) bed frame. Because relaxing in bed isn't quite as comfy when your back is literally against the wall.

    Reviewer's headboard in white is shown

    24. A three-drawer accent dresser with mirrored fronts for a touch of drama. Sooooo many nightstands are just a table with a small drawer, but what if you have actual stuff you need to store? Here's your solution, people!

    The wooden three-drawer table with mirrored drawers geometric accents

    25. A side table in a transitional style that's neutral enough to fit into any style of interior. The top has a lip around it, so if you spill anything it will be contained and not end up dripping onto your floor.

    Reviewer's living room shows the side table next to a sofa

    26. An arched floor lamp with a hanging double drum that’ll illuminate your space in a bold way. Reviewers love that the lamp has an adjustable arc and a luxe marble base that keeps it steady. It’s also Alexa and Google Home compatible so you can easily turn it on or off.

    The floor lamp with a round base, big arch, and hanging drum lampshade

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