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    23 Decor Pieces To Consider If Your Design Style Is Both Cottagecore And Goblincore

    When wildflowers and fairytales meet a fantasy forest aesthetic.

    1. A 20" x 28" poster of vintage-esque illustrations of minerals, crystals, and gemstones. Goblincore is all about mushrooms, fairies, wildflowers, frogs, and elves, so this piece of art would fit perfectly. Also, using a stick to hang it? So Goblincore!!

    The poster hangs on a wall

    2. A pack of 100 postcards from the archives of the New York Botanical Garden. Each set comes with 100 rare portraits of exotic flowers, cacti, and succulents. We'd suggest covering an entire wall with these.

    3. A mushroom growing kit so you can forage without having to leave the house. Is it art? Is it food? It's BOTH!

    4. An aromatherapy eucalyptus shower/bath pouch to hang in your bathroom. The steam from your bath or shower will activate the eucalyptus oil and give you a wonderful, spa-like experience that can help with sinus and congestion relief.

    a eucalyptus shower pouch hanging from a bathtub's handle valve

    5. An antique-inspired mirror that's the epitome of cottagecore. Because it's plastic it's super lightweight, so no need for heavy-duty hardware when it comes to hanging it — some folks just use tape.

    6. A mushroom night-light, which magically turns on and off depending on how bright your room is. The middle mushroom even cycles through different colors!

    7. A wax seal stamp kit that comes with everything you need to beautifully seal all those handwritten letters you've been writing. Because all supplies are included, this is a great kit for beginners.

    8. A brass and aged leather storage rack and hooks for keeping things organized and pretty. A big part of the goblincore and cottagecore aesthetic is to buy vintage, so if that's not an option you should def consider something like this since it has the same vibe.

    The brass hanger and hook is displayed on a wall

    9. A trio of of bulb vases to propagate those plant clippings you snipped during your last forest foraging adventure. When not used for propagation, stick a few stems of wildflowers in each bulb for a unique flower display.

    Reviewer's trio of glass bulbs have plant stems propagating in them

    10. A black steel-and-glass terrarium for creating your own fairy garden. This is seriously perfect for accommodating small plants like succulents, air plants, mosses, ferns, cacti, and carnivorous plants.

    Reviewer's terrarium has a 'My Neighbor Totoro' theme

    11. And make sure you have a terrarium starter kit so you have all the necessary supplies needed. Each kit comes with a variety of mosses, potting soil that’s blended with activated charcoal, pebbles and river stones, plant food, finishing tools, and miniature dinosaurs.

    All the tools and supplies the kit comes with

    12. Toile peel-and-stick wallpaper with a country life theme. Look, we know that wallpaper is for, well, walls, but who says you can't do more with it? Scrapbooking, upcycling old furniture...you have so many options.

    13. A magical teaspoon that will add just the right amount of whimsy to your afternoon tea sessions. Each spoon is embossed with autumn floral imagery, a branch pattern on the handle, and a crystal on the end.

    Four spoons are displayed in various metals

    14. A pack of three mushroom lights to illuminate your garden at night. They're solar powered, so just plop them in the location of your choice and let them do their thing.

    Reviewer's mushroom lights are shown both on and off

    15. A raw amethyst planter for showing off your small collection of succulents. Each planter is handmade using real crystals.

    A hand holds the planter

    16. A hanging macramé planter holder that doubles as Halloween decor since pumpkins snuggle nicely into it. Hang them inside or outside to let your neighbors know you mean spooky business.

    Two pumpkins hang in macrame planters hung from a tree

    17. Or a macramé hanging shelf to house all your plants and curiosities without having to build an entire bookshelf. Because it's so lightweight, all you need are a couple of S hooks to hang it from your ceiling.

    Reviewer's hanging shelves house small nicknames like crystals, plants, and figurines

    18. A forest-themed collage by Vicki Rawlins that incorporates 100% real foliage. Each collage is handmade and comes unframed, so you can pick whatever frame works for your cottagecore aesthetic.

    A close-up of the art

    19. An artificial ivy garland pack with nearly 1,000 leaves. Turn any bland wall into a forest-y delight.

    20. A moon phase garland for adding celestial vibes to your bedroom. The hammered gold design is pretty on its own but not too much of a focal point that it'd compete with the other art in your room. That means it's perfect for a collage or gallery wall.

    21. A 1,000 piece butterflies puzzle that's so pretty you'll want to frame it after you're done.

    22. A brass floor lamp specifically designed for reading. Curl up with your cat and thumb through your favorite pie cookbook.

    Reviewer's lamp hangs over a reading chair

    23. This oven mitt and pot holder covered in a vintage-inspired mushroom design. Mushroom tart, anyone?

    The set hangs from hooks on a wall

    Me and my friends having a tea party after I've outfitted my home with all this great cottagecore and goblincore decor.

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