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    31 Of The Best Planters And Plant Styling Products Reviewers Swear By

    Let's ~dig into~ some ways to glam up your plants.

    1. A sleek ceramic planter if your home's aesthetic is sophisticated minimalism. Seriously, this thing gives off major Japandi vibes, which is one of the biggest interior design trends of 2021.

    Reviewer's simple white planter has a snake plant in it

    2. A set of poison- and pesticide-free sticky insect traps for getting any infestation of flying insects — like white flies, fungus gnats, thrips, and fruit flies — under control.

    3. A mid-century modern inspired cement planter with leaves carved into it. Soooo many planters are earth tones (which is fine!), but it's nice to see something that will add a pop of color.

    Reviewer's pink planter with etched leaves has a leafy plant in it

    4. A pack of food spikes for fertilizing every type of flowering and foliage houseplant you have. Each stick provides up to two months of food for your plants — eliminating the need to constantly fertilize and check the soil for nutrients.

    finger pushes green chalky stake into soil

    5. An adorable 3D printed Bulbasaur planter so that you can show off your favorite Pokémon. The only shortcoming is your Bulbasaur won't evolve into an Ivysaur, but alas.

    A family of Bulbasaurs in various sizes are displayed with small succulents in them

    6. A moisture meter to tell you if your plants need water. Simply insert the stick into the soil and boom! It'll tell you if the soil is dry, moist, or wet.

    Reviewer's moisture meter is in a snake plant pot

    7. A Socrates bust that doubles as a planter, so you can always have your favorite philosopher on hand. Think of all the cool hairdos you can give this guy.

    Reviewer's Socrates bust doubles as a planter

    8. A denim apron with leather details designed specifically for gardening. Designed by ~plantfluencer~ Hilton Carter, it has leather pockets for holding heavy and sharp tools like shears and a ring for holding a towel or mister/spray bottle.

    The apron is displayed with all the pockets filled with tools

    9. A ceramic pot and stand combo for ~elevating~ your houseplant game. Most of the time you either buy the pot or the stand, but rarely are they sold as a set. This product feeds two birds with one scone.

    Reviewer's wooden stand and patterned pot holds a plant

    10. Extremely adorable gold animals to add a bit of decoration to your plants. You can stand them in your plant pot, slide them onto a leaf, or gently fold their hands so they swing, climb, perch, or hug your favorite plants.

    11. A 3D printed planter made of a blend of recycled wood fibers and bioplastic made from corn. Each planter is sustainably made and is entirely biodegradable.

    A minimal planter with engraved slots holds a plant

    12. A trio of self-watering cat globes for those of us who are either chronic over-waterers or constantly traveling. Each bulb provides water for your plants for up to three weeks, depending on your climate.

    13. A very tall planter to make a statement, and that statement is "I am the best plant parent around, and this is the pedestal upon which I put my plant baby." These can be used indoors or out.

    Reviewer's two tall white planters sit on a cabinet between a television

    14. A pair of stainless-steel gardening shears with over 25,000 5-star reviews. Folks say they're lightweight and easy to use, and that the blades are super sharp — perfect for delicate deadheading.

    Reviewer's hand holds the orange and black shears

    15. A cute plant mister that doubles as decor when not in use. Use it to clean leaves or provide a nice misting for tropical houseplants that love high humidity.

    16. A tiny lil' shallow planter with a bamboo drainage tray for giving your succulents and cacti a perfect home. This is also a great product if you're propagating and it's time to move the leaves in water to fresh soil. It's shallow enough that the roots will grow without wasting space.

    Reviewer's planter holds five different succulents surrounded by white rocks

    17. A set of three minimal planters with gold stands for a cohesive look. When the plants are the stars of the show, these beauties provide the perfect backdrop.

    Reviewer's set of three white planters with gold stands sit in the corner of a living room next to a fireplace

    18. A waterproof repotting mat to make sure you don't make a huge mess when repotting all your houseplants. Each corner snaps together, so there's no risk of dirt or leaves being pushed off the mat onto your tabletop or floor.

    Reviewer's repotting mat is laid out on a bed with various plants on top of it

    19. A set of two white planters with gray and gold accents when you want to give your home a modern vibe. These pots don't have drainage holes, which means no more leaks all over your floors or tabletops.

    Reviewer's two planters in white and gold and white, gold, and grey have a plant in each

    20. A compact brush and dustpan for cleaning up the tiny messes that happen when you do houseplant maintenance. From trimming dead leaves to repotting plants, this small but mighty duo will help with clean up.

    21. A plant hanger and ceramic pot combo that's perfect for vine-y plants like strings of pearls or pothos. You can also put in faux plants if you just want to hang it and forget it.

    Reviewer's planter hangs from the ceiling and is filled with succulents

    22. A bookend that is also a vase, because we love a product that can pull double duty. It's time to level up your #shelfie game.

    Three vases with different skin tones and hair colors display various types of leaves and fruit branches

    23. A small watering can that's perfect for homes with limited storage, because who has space for a giant metal 2-gallon watering can these days?

    Reviewer holds up the watering can for scale

    24. A vertical plant stand with a spot for six medium-sized plants. This is a great solution if you've got limited space but lots of houseplants.

    Reviewer's wood plant stand shows that the stand can easily fit six medium sized houseplants

    25. A vintage-inspired patterned planter so that you can add some groovy vibes to your home. Reviewers rave about its look, saying it's well made and looks great.

    Reviewer's grey and white planter has a groovy pattern

    26. A trio of of bulb vases that are super versatile. Can it be a vase? Check. Can you use it for plant propagating? Uh huh. Is it just really cool looking decor? Also yes!

    Reviewer's trio of glass bulbs have plant stems propagating in them

    27. A set of three ceramic planters with a marble glaze, because real marble would be 10x more expensive. The tiny size is perfect for succulents and cacti.

    Reviewer's three small planters with wooden saucers hold succulents and a cactus

    28. A woven rope basket that reviewers swear is the best planter ever. And since it has handles, you can easily pick it up and move it about without risking spillage.

    Reviewer's white and light grey cotton rope planter holds a plant

    29. A disco ball hanging planter to give your room major nightclub energy. Because why pay money to go to the club when your home IS the club?!?

    Hanging disco ball planter

    30. A pack of two white hanging planters with black hardware that are perfect for low maintenance or faux plants.

    Reviewer's three black and white handing planters sit above a window in a kitchen

    31. A set of three concrete succulent planters with faces on them. Can you imagine playing hairdresser with the right plants? Like a fern or ivy?

    Reviewer's three head-shaped planters in white, terracotta, and grey hold plants

    Now get to green thumbing it!

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.