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    28 Things That'll Basically Make You Want To Live In Your Backyard

    Whether it's still super hot or finally cooling down, we've got you covered for creating the best and most entertaining backyard ever.

    1. A wooden bistro set for enjoying meals outside now that 100 degree days aren't a regular occurrence. Its petite size makes it perfect for patios and balconies that are on the smaller size.

    a wooden table and two matching folding chairs

    2. A solar-powered lantern that looks as good on as it does off. The light charges via the sun throughout the day and will automatically turn on at night and work for up to eight hours.

    3. Interlocking Teak tiles to create a beautifully patterned outdoor area. No tools or glue are required, the tiles just snap together. Teak is also a preferred wood for all outdoor stuff because of its ability to survive through all types of weather. It is one of the few woods around that contains a natural oil which repels water.

    4. A triangular sail that'll block UV rays while providing you with necessary shade. Remember, just because it's getting cooler out doesn't mean the sun is less harmful!

    5. A metal wildlife ring fire pit for giving camp vibes but in your backyard. Light this baby up and you'll be roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories in no time.

    a black metal ring fire pit with a forest and wildlife design cut into the sides

    6. A floating balcony table to change up your WFH routine. As the days start to get cooler — aka more bearable — you can take your work outside and enjoy some fresh air.

    7. A massive inflatable screen that inflates in under two minutes. Fall starts September 1, so curl up with a blanket and a PSL and enjoy the start of your Halloween outdoor movie marathons.

    8. Speaking of blankets, an oversized blanket to keep warm during cool nights or to use for everything from impromptu picnics to outdoor yoga. Reviewers say it's "super soft" and "not scratchy at all."

    a striped red, blue, pink, and white blanket

    9. A tiny portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker that makes up for its size with its volume. Over 100,000 reviewers give it 5 stars, and often remark that the volume is "surprisingly loud." The speaker has 100 feet of Bluetooth range and can play up to 14 hours of tunes on one charge. It's splashproof and rainproof, too.

    Reviewer's speaker sits on the ground next to the edge of a pool

    10. A 48-foot strand of waterproof and shatterproof string lights for perfectly illuminating your outdoor space. Daylight Savings is around the corner, and you've probably noticed it getting darker sooner. Make sure you don't find yourself in the dark with some mood lighting courtesy of these string lights.

    backyard patio with stringlights

    11. An outdoor rug with southwest vibes. It's an eco-friendly, stain-resistant rug made from woven strands of recycled polyesters, plastics, and rubbers. It's also reversible!

    The red and blue rug is displayed outside next to some patio chairs

    12. An outdoor inflatable ottoman for kicking up your feet after a long day. Grab a mug of some hot apple cider and get to relaxing.

    13. A gas fire pit table to keep warm while the nights start to cool off. It comes with a glass lid, so when the fire's not in use it can be used as a table.

    reviewer's fire pit lit up on their patio

    14. A geodesic dome that's probably the coolest thing ever. Is it a play structure? Of course! A trellis? Absolutely. A place for your chickens to hang out? Sure, why not!

    15. A set of massive bubble wands to create truly huge bubbles. Each kit comes with everything you need: the wand and bubble concentrate, plus a booklet of tips on how to make the biggest bubbles ever.

    16. A collapsible beer table for making sure you and your guests have brews and snacks whenever, wherever. It even has a built-in bottle opener!

    the wooden drink holder with two beers and a bowl of chips

    17. A hanging hammock chair with major boho vibes. It comes with everything you need to mount it to your porch ceiling, and reviewers say the whole process is easy peasy.

    Another reviewer lounges in the same chair on their porch

    18. A lounge chair you inflate just by whipping it in the wind. The patented design uses "anti-deflation technology" that promises to keep the lounge chair inflated for at least five to six hours, and comes with a stake for easy securing to the ground once inflated.

    reviewer laying in purple inflated chair

    19. A giant 4 Connect game to keep your family and friends — and frankly, you — entertained for hours.

    Models play with a giant 4 Connect game in their backyard

    20. A solid copper drip- and bee-proof stake hummingbird feeder you can stick in any flower pot when a hanging one isn't an option. In no time at all your backyard will be a DIY aviary.

    21. A mesh raised dog bed so your pampered pooch can have a designated spot for lounging. Because it's raised, it will either detract heat when it's hot out or stay warm when the weather's chilly.

    a review photo of a raised bed with a dog laying on top

    22. A solid wood cornhole set with eight bean bags. Each set includes a carrying bag, so you can easily set up a game whenever the mood strikes.

    red and blue cornhole boards with red and blue beanbags

    23. A picnic table for your squirrel friends, because what's cuter than a picnic for your bushy-tailed buds? Each picnic table is handmade in Ohio using high quality materials.

    a squirrel nibbling on corn on the cob while standing on a small picnic table that is screwed into a fence

    24. A quilted hammock with a detachable pillow for taking extremely comfortable naps outside. Each hammock can hold up to 450 pounds, so grab a loved one and get to snuggling.

    25. An oversized block-stacking game if you want to host the best game nights ever. Sure, Jenga is cool. But if you want to raise the stakes imagine Jenga but 5 feet tall.

    three models playing with the stackable tower of blocks

    26. A handmade bamboo bee house so you can become a parent/landlord to a hive of tens of thousands of nature's best pollinators. Bamboo — which is actually a grass and not a wood — is a preferred material for wet areas and outdoor spaces because it deters water way better than most woods.

    a reviewer photo of a wooden hexagon with many round crevices for bees hanging from a tree

    27. Supportive, waterproof clogs for days when your garden is more mud than dirt. When you're done collecting your bounty of veggies just wipe these clogs down or hose 'em off.

    Reviewer's yellow clogs with red flowers are displayed in grass

    28. An outdoor movie set including a 100-inch screen and a mini projector for watching movies outside. This projector has multiple ports for everything from your laptop to Fire TV Stick, and there are built-in speakers.

    Me to my neighbors after I *add everything to cart*.