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    26 Totally Gorgeous Pieces Of Decor Under $50 You Can Get On Amazon

    You'll be happy you spent all your money in one place.

    1. A pair of LED stained glass light bulbs to create a ~vibe~ for your next dinner party or chill movie night at home. Pick a lampshade or fixture with geometric lines to really add dimension to your room.

    2. A pair of modern vases that are big enough to hold full bouquets from your weekly flower run. Or stuff them with pampas grass for an everlasting look.

    The vases on a mantle with flowers

    3. A flameless glass candle set so you can set the mood without the stress of setting anything on fire. It comes with a remote that has a dimmer, timer, and on/off buttons.

    The glass flameless candles are shown

    4. A library light to give that Harry Styles tour poster the museum-quality lighting it deserves. Or, place one over your bookshelf to really take your TBR to the next level.

    The lights over framed photos on a wall

    5. A set of striking wall decals that will fit in anywhere you want to add texture and interest. These individual stickers let you play designer and free you from matching lines or patterns from wallpaper sheets.

    The wallpaper is shown behind a sofa

    6. A set of outdoor lights to start patio season off on an aesthetic foot. Create your own backyard bistro for hosting friends or just enjoying an after hours glass of wine.

    A reviewer photo of lights on a patio

    7. A set of to velvet blackout curtains for the night owl who doesn't want to wake up with the sun. Plus, with more than a dozen colors to choose from, these luxe curtains will easily fit into any decor.

    Two blackout curtains slightly covering a living room window

    8. A set of three tapered candle holders because candlesticks are back and these are a trendy, modern update on your grandma's favorites. They can live year-round on a mantle or bring them out for a sleek centerpiece.

    The candle sticks on a tray

    9. A gallery wall frame set if you need a simple-but-elegant way to show off those photos you took on your epic European summer vacation.

    The frames on a wall behind a sofa

    10. A set of two storage baskets with faux leather handles so you can hide away your clutter in neutral, fashionable style. It can hold shoes in your entryway, or help you organize toys, blankets, and more.

    The baskets under a bench

    11. A set of two refillable 16-ounce soap dispenser bottles for those who know keeping things sanitary can also be incredibly aesthetic. Use the amber glass as-is or buy fancy labels to really elevate your hand soap.

    two refillable hand soap bottles on side of kitchen sink

    12. A pack of cabinet knobs that'll give a new look to an existing piece in an incredibly easy way. Make a dresser look totally different with some drawer pull swaps, or go wild and re-do all of your kitchen cabinets.

    Reviewer photos of the knobs on a dresser

    13. A neutral piece of art to give your guests something to talk about. Choose framed or unframed, and pick whatever art style speaks to you and your space.

    The art on a wall

    14. A boho shower curtain that can be a pop of personality in your otherwise neutral white bathroom.

    The shower curtain

    15. A comforter and sham set to give your room a seasonal update. Florals for fall? Groundbreaking. Especially with more than a dozen colors to choose from.

    A light green blanket and pillows are shown on a bed in a bedroom

    16. A mushroom lamp for a warm glow that won't take up too much precious tabletop space. You'll still have room on your nightstand for the essentials.

    Reviewer's lamp in white on a table

    17. A hanging circular mirror to reflect the best parts of your space. Hang it in your entryway for those quick last-minute checks before you run out the door.

    The mirror is hung above a dresser in a bedroom

    18. A mirrored alarm clock with USB ports so you can keep your devices charged while you recharge with a book in bed. It has three brightness levels so you can control how much of your fresh face you want to see in the mirror every morning.

    The alarm clock

    19. A pair of trendy bubble candles to add fun to a centerpiece or bookshelf without blowing your budget. You don't even have to light these to add a fun, funky touch to your space.

    A blue and white candle on a table

    20. A set of geometric bookends for holding up the weight of your ever-growing, Booktok-influenced TBR. Really show off your coveted Colleen Hoover collection.

    The gold geometric bookends are shown holding three books together

    21. A decorative wood tray that could flawlessly display your entire skincare routine — if you're lucky to have that kind of counter space. Or use it as a natural landing pad for vases, candles, remotes, and more.

    The tray with decor on top

    22. A set of two velvet patterned pillow covers to give a fresh, luxe update to your seating without having to buy any furniture. Get new inserts for the covers, or use existing pillows that could use an update.

    Two light pink pillows on a sofa

    23. A five-piece moon mirror for elevating any phase your home decor is currently in. The perfect way to fill a large wall space, like over a sofa or bed.

    The mirror above a sofa

    24. A faux-fur rug that is ideal for small spaces or even layering over larger rugs. Place this in front of a sofa, or next to a bed for a warm place for your feet to land first thing in the morning.

    The rug in white on a floor

    25. A set of geometric iridescent cocktail glasses to make your favorite after-work-from-home drink look good from every angle.

    The glasses

    26. And a faux leather ottoman cover that'll hide all those extra throw blankets you can't stop buying. This cover comes unstuffed, so you get to pick how full it is depending on your storage needs.

    The ottoman is shown in a living room

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