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    20 Target Products That’ll Help With All Of Your Spring Cleaning

    It's time for your annual hour of organizing.

    1. A Dyson cordless vacuum because the worst part of vacuuming is battling with the cord. Reviewers rave about its ability to suck up pet hair from any surface!

    Person using a handheld vacuum on stairs near a cat, demonstrating product use for cleaning

    2. A set of fabric drawer organizers that will truly bring you joy every time you open your dresser. The smaller sizes are perfect for rolling up accessories — ties, socks, undies — and for organizing baby clothes.

    The organizers with clothes

    3. An expandable tiered shelf because as your culinary skills expand, so must your spice rack. With three tiers, you can easily access all those bought-for-one-recipe spices you have shoved in the back.

    The shelf with spices on it

    4. A metal garment rack to expand the size of your closet while giving an aesthetic place to show off this week's outfits. It even has a bottom rack to organize shoes and accessories.

    The garment rack with clothes and shoes

    5. A folding storage shelf with a slim profile so it can be used anywhere from the laundry room to the pantry to the bathroom. You can also add baskets for a stylish way to hide random odds and ends.

    The shelf with towels and other laundry items

    6. A box organizer because even the less glamorous essentials deserve a proper place in your kitchen. This shelf unit means you can stack these away in that underutilized space beneath your sink.

    The shelf with boxes of items

    7. A robot vacuum so you don't have to be annoyed at spills, pet hair, or babies tossing food. Just turn on your Wi-Fi-enabled robot with its self-emptying base, and you won't even have to be home for it to work its magic!

    Robotic vacuum cleaner operating on a wooden floor, picking up debris

    8. A nonadhesive shelf liner that will keep a tight grip on whatever utensils you throw its way. Plus, you'll save your cabinets from moisture, scratches, stains, and more.

    The liner in a drawer with utensils on top

    9. A Bissell Little Green deep cleaner that is a lifesaver for all parents, including pet parents. With three different attachments, this cleaner gets rave reviews for its ability to erase stains on floors, sofas, car seats, and more.

    A model using the cleaning tool on her area rug

    10. An over-the-door hook to keep your towels off the bathroom floor. You can even put one over your closet door so you can store jackets, scarves, and purses without using up precious shelf space.

    A white towel hangs on a wooden rack with a bath brush, beside a mirror and bathroom products

    11. A jar of the Scrub Daddy Power Paste so you can finally put those rave reviews to the test. See for yourself what kind of miracles this heavy-duty all-purpose cleaner can work around your house.

    the power paste in its container

    12. A metal utility cart that can literally be anything (and anywhere!) you need it to be. Store your books, craft supplies, nursery needs, dishes, beauty products, office supplies, candles... the list goes on and on.

    The cart in white with books on it

    13. A bamboo shower caddy to get a real spa-like shower experience. Just add some branches of fresh eucalyptus and boom! Serenity now!

    The shower caddy with products in a shower

    14. A fabric shaver to use on your favorite blankets once your winter hibernation ends. This beloved tool can also remove pilling from your couch, throw pillows, and slipcovers, as well as your favorite sweaters, hoodies, beanies, leggings, joggers...and so on and so forth.

    a hand using the fabric shaver on a ribbed sweater

    15. A kitchen and bath caulk to make your tile look like new without having to replace or regrout. Talk about adulting!

    The caulk

    16. A large glass jar with a lid to copy those organized cookie towers that you've seen in your favorite reality stars' kitchen. Finally, you're like a real celeb.

    The jar on a countertop with bagels inside

    17. A washable accent rug because your entryway needs a laundry day, too (probably more than you think). This baby brings a touch of decor to your space but can easily be cleaned after your friends or little ones trek in a mound of dirt in the coming months.

    A runner rug with geometric patterns placed in a room beside a tote bag and sandals

    18. A set of storage canisters so your baking and dry goods can have a real adult aesthetic. (Not to mention the airtight seal, which will keep things fresh!)

    The storage canisters with food in them

    19. A brass accordion hook rack that is sturdy enough to do it all: hold jackets in your entryway, towels in your bathroom, or display mugs in your kitchen.

    A tan handbag hangs from a wooden wall-mounted rack in a well-lit entryway with decorative items

    20. A pair of cleaning gloves to turn spring cleaning into a real fashion moment. Okay, maybe not, but safety *and* comfort come first when dealing with harsh chemicals and dirty surfaces.

    Person washing a non-stick frying pan in a kitchen sink with soapy water

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