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8 Sally Beauty Products That Will Give You Impeccable DIY Manicures All Spring And Summer

The sun is out and it's time let your best nails shine! With Sally Beauty, stress-free, gorgeous manicures that last are just around the corner.

1. This magical Dip Powder by Beauty Secrets

Three small dip powder round containers, one facing the camera

2. This amazing Step 1 Dip Powder Nail Primer by Beauty Secrets

Dip powder nail primer in small bottle

3. The ~revolutionary~ Dip Kit Powder Nail Color System

Box of dip kit showing a finger going into the nail powder

4. The Gel no more! Magical Gel & Dipping Polish Remover

Small cylinder of transparent product

5. These adorable, vibrant Bitzy Nail Color minis

Eight small bottle of nail polish in assorted colors

6. This nail-rescuing Nail Revitalizer

Clear Nail Revitalizer in bottle

7. These dreamy Dashing Diva Gloss Ultra Shine Nail Strips

Package of nail strips, some with flowers, other with glitter, some solid colors

8. The gorgeous Dashing Diva's Magic Press Press-On Gel Nails

Pack of press-on nails, six visible

Spend more time enjoying what the warm seasons brings and less time worrying about your nails with amazing products that make manicures easy, all available today at Sally Beauty!