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What Are The Absolute Worst Teen Drama Friendships?

How were they ever friends to begin with?

Teen dramas tend to focus more on romance than anything else, but over the years they have brought viewers some of the most iconic friendships we've ever seen on our screens.

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Warning: Some of the following include mentions of eating disorders and gun violence.

While they've given us some amazing friendships, teen dramas have also had their share of awful and toxic ones.

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Maybe you absolutely hated watching any interaction between Justin and Bryce on 13 Reasons Why because you realized that Bryce was really manipulative and only kept Justin in his back pocket to use as his pawn.

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Maybe you hated how Kitty and Marley from Glee seemed just fine and continued to be friendly even after Kitty basically manipulated Marley into developing an eating disorder.

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Or maybe you don't love Spinner and Jimmy's friendship from Degrassi: The Next Generation as much as everyone else because honestly, they did way more harm than good.

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Tell us what you think are some of the absolute worst teen drama friendships and why they're so bad. The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!