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Which "Pretty Little Liars" Plots Annoyed You So Much You Almost Stopped Watching The Show?

Did Spencer really need to have a British twin?

If you've ever watched Pretty Little Liars then you know they've had some plots that were completely bonkers!

FreeForm / Via

Sometimes, the plots were so off-the-wall that they almost completely ruined the show and made us stop watching altogether.

Like, maybe you almost stopped watching the show towards the very beginning when it was revealed that Jenna blackmailed Toby (aka HER STEP BROTHER) into having a physical relationship.

Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily watching the video they found of Jenna taking off Toby's shirt
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Or maybe the fact that Sara Harvey (a character who didn't physically appear until Season 6) turned out to be two of the biggest villains in the show was almost enough for you to quit watching.

Sara Harvey being revealed as Black Widow in the back of a limo with a black veil on.
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Or maybe you could juuuuuust about handle Aria and Ezra's relationship, but finding out he had yet another relationship with another high school girl made you want to give up the show forever.

Alison gazing at Ezra as he reads a book and they sit on the couch in a bar
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Whatever it is, we want to hear them. Tell us which Pretty Little Liars plot was so frustrating that you almost quit watching the show and why. Some of the responses will be included in a BuzzFeed Community post.