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Tell Us What You Think The Saddest TV Character Departure Ever Is

It hurts every time!

Have you ever discovered a new show and found yourself falling in love with one of the characters right away?


It makes it extra hard to take when the character suddenly goes from a series regular to a character of the past.

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So we want to know: what do YOU think is the saddest TV character departure?

Maybe seeing J.T. Yorke from Degrassi: The Next Generation killed off made your heart break into a million pieces and you'll never recover because he was the kindest character and truly did not deserve to die.

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Or maybe seeing Cristina Yang leave Grey's Anatomy still makes you cry because no one could ever replace her as the fiercest and most honest person to ever walk through the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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Or maybe seeing Michael Scott leave The Office pained you because Michael was truly the heart and soul of the show and no one could replace him as the world's best boss.

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Whoever the character is, we want to know! Tell us what you think was the saddest TV character departure ever and why. The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.