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    16 Fictional High School Uniforms Ranked On How Much I Wouldn't Mind Wearing Them All Day

    TBH, my number-one pick shouldn't be a surprise at all.

    As someone who went my entire educational career up until college wearing school uniforms for just about every day (excluding special dress-down days), I feel like I have a pretty good sense of everything that makes a uniform excellent.

    And while I may not be an EXPERT, those combined 12 years of elementary, middle, and high school pretty much make me whatever comes right before an expert.

    I figured, what better way to use my knowledge of school uniforms than to rank some teen TV and movie uniforms. So without further ado, here are 16 teen TV and movie uniforms ranked from super cool to super drool:

    BTW, yes, I know super drool is cringe. Let's just roll with it, OK?!

    16. Starting off with my least favorite on this list is the uniform from Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging.

    Eleanor Tomlinson, Georgia Henshaw, Manjeeven Grewal, and Georgia Groome in Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging

    If they didn't have to wear both the blazer and the sweater vest, maybe I wouldn't dislike this look so much, but here we are.

    Eleanor Tomlinson, Georgia Henshaw, Manjeeven Grewal, and Georgia Groome in Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging

    15. Even though the iCarly kids only had to wear this uniform for an episode, I couldn't stand it so much that it stuck in my head forever.

    Freddie, Sam, and Carly walking into school in their uniforms in "iCarly"

    I'm bored just looking at it. I will give them small props because they added small details that make a .00005% difference to the look.

    Freddie, Sam, and Carly from "iCarly"

    14. While Christina and Julie from Lady Bird are great, their school uniforms are not.

    Christina and Julie standing in a parking lot on "Lady Bird"

    There's nothing I really hate about this look, but it just doesn't deserve to be any higher on the list, TBH.

    Christina sitting on a couch in her school uniform on "Lady Bird"

    13. Before she was a princess, Mia was a student at Grove High School who had to wear a less-than-royal uniform like everyone else. I don't hate the look, but it's not my favorite.

    Lily, Mia, and another student from "The Princess Diaries"

    Maybe if the skirt pattern looked slightly different, I wouldn't feel that this look is so average.

    Mia walking down the bleachers in "The Princess Diaries"

    12. The uniform from The Kissing Booth displays a decent school uniform, but If I'm rating solely on comfortability, this outfit doesn't feel like it would be too comfortable.

    Lee, Elle, and Rachel walking into school on "The Kissing Booth"

    It is a cute look; I’ll give them that. But it just doesn't look too comfortable.

    Lee picking up Elle and Rachel for school on "The Kissing Booth"

    11. On Elite at Las Encinas, they wear this uniform that actually stands out compared to other looks on this list. It's not the same old plaid that just about every other uniform has, but it's still just kind of meh.

    Two students from "Elite" walking around school

    It doesn't look too uncomfortable, so there's that. For some reason, it's still just kind of boring to me.

    Two students standing outside in their uniforms on "Elite"

    10. Rory's Chilton uniform from Gilmore Girls is so iconic when it comes to TV school uniforms, but it's just fine. Nothing I'm too in love with and nothing I absolutely detest.

    Rory sitting in Luke's Diner in "Gilmore Girls"

    I have no idea why it isn't better in my eyes; it's just not up to the same standards as better ones on this list.

    Rory walking into a classroom on "Gilmore Girls"

    9. I know I've stated that I'm not the biggest fan of blazers; for some reason, this one doesn't totally upset me. Still, I'm not too in love with this look.

    Moordale community school students in blazers and skirts

    Something still just throws me off. Maybe it's the length of the jacket or the color, but I don't love it.

    students in long grey blazers with red liner

    8. The uniform worn on Atypical is pretty standard in the uniform realm. It's adorable and simple, which works just fine when it comes to something you're forced to wear every single day.

    Casey standing in the middle of the hallway at her new school on "Atypical"

    If I had to be picky about things, I would get rid of the tie thing, but that's just me nitpicking for something now.

    Casey and Izzie standing by the lockers at school on "Atypical"

    7. They didn't wear a uniform for long on That's So Raven, but it was stylish, chic, and nearly perfect when they did!

    Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie standing in the hallway on "That's So Raven"

    And while this isn't how the uniform is supposed to look since they added all the accessories and such, I'm not mad at it or the potential write-up I would get if I wore this to school.

    Raven sitting with the popular girls on "That's So Raven"

    6. In Glee, William McKinley High School kids didn't have an official uniform, but the Cheerios did and wore it every day, so it counts.

    Quinn, Santana, and Brittany standing in the choir room on "Glee"

    TBH, I'd feel so cool walking down the hallway wearing this uniform, and I'm not ashamed to say it!

    Quinn, Santana, and Brittany in cheer uniforms

    5. We didn't see school uniforms on Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but they looked pretty great when we did.

    Maddie and London standing in the school hallway on "Suite Life of Zack and Cody"

    I'm not mad at this look at all. In fact, I'd probably wear a variation of this IRL and not for school.

    Maddie and London looking horrified in uniforms

    4. This uniform from Cruel Intentions is very close to the uniform I had to wear in middle and high school, which is why it's so high on this ranking. It feels very familiar and nostalgic.

    Cecile from "Cruel Intentions"

    This look just proved to me that I'm much more of a sweater/sweater vest girl than a blazar girl.

    Kathryn and Annette standing in the bathroom looking in a mirror on "Cruel Intentions"

    3. While it's super simple, I didn't hate the uniform they had to wear on Degrassi: The Next Generation. It's classic and comfortable, and I wouldn't mind throwing this on every day.

    Maya, Zig, Ali, Jenna, Imogen, Eli, and Sav from "Degrassi: The Next Generation"

    You just can't go wrong with a bright-colored polo and khakis.

    Maya, Tori, Fiona, Marisol, and Jenna from "Degrassi: The Next Generation"

    2. I couldn't complete this list without including the new Gossip Girl reboot that everyone's been raving about!

    Aki, Julian, Luna, Monet, Max, Obie, and Audrey from the "Gossip Girl" reboot sitting on the MET stairs

    I could totally wear this for an eight-hour school day and have no worries of being uncomfortable or looking a mess.

    Zoya from the "Gossip Girl" reboot

    1. And finally, finishing off strong with one of my favorite TV high school uniforms ever; the OG, classic 2007 version of Gossip Girl.

    Serena Van Der Woodsen standing by a cab from the original "Gossip Girl"

    Just look at all the ways they turned this rather boring look into something people have wanted to emulate IRL!

    bright belts, jackets, and shoes worn by blair and serena in gossip girl

    Well, there you have it! Tell me if you agree (or disagree) with my number-one pick in the comments below!